What to do After a Break-up: 16 Smart Ways To Help You Move On

What to do after a break-up?  Or I must say, how to move on after a breakup? So that means, you’ve finally understood that it’s over and done! Emotional time! Right? Losing the love of your life can be too irresistible. Why not? After all, separating yourself from your partner can make you feel unsound and unforgivable of your thoughts. I understand how hard a breakup can be. It’s an appalling emotion that makes you feel as if it’s the end of your world. Your reactions are at its peak, and no one can ever understand you except if they feel just the way you do.

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What to do after a break-up? Getting back to the lost track

So, now how to move on after a breakup? Well, do you know that moving on after a breakup would be one of the greatest experiences you’ll have in your lifespan? So, stop moaning and grieving over your loss no matter how tough it seems to be. Understand the fact that moaning, howling and blubbing are going to do nothing more than deteriorating your life. Move on and start once again! But how? How to heal after a breakup? How to be happy after a breakup? Well, here, I’ll let you explore ways that may help you in moving on after a breakup. Read all the way to the end to check out what to do after a break-up.

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1. Accept the fact that “PAIN” is the first symbol of life.

PAIN is like a frostbitten arm. If your arm is freezing and all set to breathe its last, you won’t feel any pain. However, it might hurt like hell while you try warming it up. That means it’s painful to return to life. So prompt yourself that your pain is the first symbol that you’re alive. Tell yourself that your breakup can be a dominant turning point in your life. In the meantime, you’ll learn to live with yourself though life’s routes, breath by breath.

As you learn to open yourself up to your emotional agony, you feel your pain and allow it to move beyond you. You learn to stand on your feet while backing yourself up. You learn to take care of yourself. Your soul becomes hale and hearty that lets the love flow through your heart with great vigor. You learn to relish every single moment in the route of becoming more of what you are.

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2. Admit the fact that it’s over.

Try to look at the circumstances demonstrably; even if you don’t agree with your ex. Don’t over-evaluate the situation and stop scrutinizing about what could have been different. There can be endless could-haves or should-haves. Thinking about them is meaningless at the moment. They don’t exist any longer. At this instant, you must get to the place where you won’t clash with yourself about the way everything is. Do this with care and don’t blame yourself for anything. It may perhaps take some time for your soul to catch up with the truth. For the time being, just accept the fact that your relationship has ended as a final point.

What to do after a break-up that would help you comprehend that it’s over?

  • Hark back to the fact that it’s over and now you must move on and begin another episode of your life.
  • Communicate with your family and friends as they can let you get a better picture.
  • Free yourself of all the memories that remind you of your ex.

3. Don’t contact your ex at all

One of the most important things to do after a breakup is to remove your ex’s contact numbers and emails from your phone. You may find it appealing to call text or meet your ex as you always did. But dredge up that you just finished your relationship, and you would never be able to move on if you stay attached to him/her. Recall you broke up for a cause so fight back all the turn-ons and impulse to contact your ex. Make up the fact that he/she was not your true love.

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4. Block him/her on social media

Moving on after a breakup is tougher in the present digital world when we are all linked together through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and what not. Here, I’ll advise you to block one and all you know through your ex-partner. The last thing you need to do is go through your partner’s photographs, Facebook posts or social media updates. I know it’s hard, but you have to do this. Your partner has moved on, so must you! Let it go.

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5. Don’t EVER try staying friends.

Trust me! Or you’ll end up doing nothing but messing it all up. I have heard a lot of people saying that they are “just friends” after a break-up. But for my part, it is a terrible idea to stay “just friends” with somebody you loved at some point in your life. No matter if it sounds to be an easy option! It will pinch you every time you see your ex with somebody. Perchance, it might get easier after years but certainly not in a little while. In fact, it may stop you from moving on making you expect that you will get back together. On top of that, it is hard to move on if that thin cord of ‘friendship’ still binds both of you. What’s worse? Imagine if he/she moves on, but you don’t!

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6. Take a Break from the Dating Game

If you think that what to do after a break-up is date someone else, then you’re planning to commit suicide, my dear! I know that a new lover right after a breakup can be a diversion from your heartbreak and agony. While it may feel better at the moment, dating so early is a poor decision. Right up front, you may perhaps confuse feeling good with curing. But let me tell you one thing – they are not the same.

IMO you must suitably complain and moan about your lost love to reconcile. Sidetracking yourself with a new found “sweetheart” will simply get in your way of healing. This way, you’ll push your despair just below the surface, where it turns into a burden. That’s why these rebound relationships have an excessive probability of disaster.  Besides, these relationships come together with compounded ache from the earlier lost affection. The solution is evident!

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7. Spend Some Time on Your Own

Moving on after a breakup would never be possible if you can’t take some time off for yourself. It will support you while you learn to stay alive without your partner. Do things that you adore or that fascinate you. Do soothing activities such as reading, baking, painting, music tripping or spa. Just do what you love or that makes you feel like an admirable person. Take your time to meditate and relax in your calm and serene time. This way, you’ll not just move on, but will also learn how to be strong after a breakup.

8. Count your blessings.

Understand that you are encircled by a beautiful family and caring friends. You can share your outlooks with them and ask them for their experiences on how to move on after a breakup. Let them ease you and offer you guidance. Dealing with your breakup without any help can be very tough without any one to release your feelings. Meet your friends, reconstruct your relationships, and devote your time to your family particularly on the weekend. Relish your life with the persons you love, and never live in your past.

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9. Discover Yourself

Probabilities are that you lost a portion of yourself in your relationship. At present, when you’re moving on after a breakup, and are free of all bonds, you get an opportunity to discover the treasure within you. Sounds exciting! Doesn’t it? Well, let me tell you that this is one of the biggest ‘rewards’ of your breakup, so embrace it! There are quite a lot of personal things that make you special, right? All you have to do is discover them and feel good about yourself. How can you find out new things about yourself? Just ask few questions to yourself.

  • What do you appreciate the most about yourself?
  • How was your life before you met your ex?
  • What do you desire to accomplish in your life?
  • Where should you start with?
  • What is an essential thing that you need to develop?

The voyage to discover your true self is hard! After all, we don’t even have enough time to relax and think about what we want in life. It can be a long journey but take your time and DO IT! It’s worth it!

10. Be kind to yourself

Your breakup is a time when you begin finding flaws in yourself and feel guilt-ridden for the several things that went off beam in your relationship. How to move on after a breakup under such circumstances? Well, first of all, summon up that it is not just your fault. Breakups take place for a reason, and it is worthless to blame yourself about it. Be nice to yourself, even if it is tough. You will shortly overcome your blues and then you will be a stronger, smarter and a better individual. In the long run, you’ll assure yourself that you are not an awful or unlovable person. You’ll understand that you are a superb and affectionate individual. A broken heart wants affection, not judgement!

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11. Explore and Enjoy Your Life

Get all set to have fun all over again! Get your friends together and get ready to explore the world. Go out, travel around, go shopping, see the sights, enjoy dancing, and enjoy the roller coaster ride of life. Do all those things that make you smile, giggle, feel better and help you in moving on after a breakup. Be impulsive and relish the spur-of-the-moment. Appreciate your life. This is the best healing you can get. What to do after a break-up that may let you explore your life in a better way? Here’s an answer:

  • Try something new that’s thrilling and stimulating.
  • Devote some quality time to your friends and family.
  • Discover new habits.
  • Develop new skills or hobbies.
  • Connect with lost friends.

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12. Workout – Take Care of Your Body

Wondering that how to move on after a breakup? Then let me tell you that nothing else would work better than exercise and meditation. Everyday workout boosts your state of mind through the discharge of endorphins. An exercise is a fantastic tool for clearing the lethargies of your mind. Indulging in a consistent workout routine will be pleasant and refreshing for your intellectual capacity.

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13. Fall In Love with Yourself

How to become a better person after a breakup? It’s simple, by falling in love with you all over again! Wondering how you can fall in love with yourself? Well, it’s easy! All you need to do is just learn to unwind and love yourself a bit more. Imagine this breakup as a period for you to relive your life, to re-experience your individuality and rediscover what you are. Explore new sidelines and fads. If possible, search for activities that you are good at. It will boost your self-confidence and keep your feelings of isolation at bay. As a final point, you’ll turn out to be a better individual, with or without a companion certifying this for you.

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14. Go with the flow 

What to do after a break-up when time and again you wish to yell or curl up in your bed and weep? What to do after a break-up while every so often your fury about where your life is at present overpowers you? Burning all the pictures of your partner appears to be somewhat tempting at the moment? No problem! These are all valid reactions! At times you may perhaps yearn for nothing more than to ease up and giggle all over again. Just be prepared to go with the flow as you rebuild yourself from your broken heart.

15. Remember that time is the best therapist

In the very beginning, you will dislike the amount of time it takes to heal. But then again, the great thing is that with time, everything gets easier, and you start moving forward after a breakup. You simply have to stay easy-going, even-tempered and active. Dredge up that with each passing day, your life will get easier and better. Don’t ever try to make haste. Let the soothing process take its natural time. Your discomfort and heartache will disappear with time bit by bit.

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16. Start dating again!

After you successfully forget him/her, the next things to do after a breakup are getting back into the socializing and dating game. Offer yourself an opportunity to fall in love all over again. But, stay alert this time! Don’t panic to get into a relationship right away. Take your time and explore! When you are all set, don’t give yourself entirely as you never know when pain approaches in the form of heartbreak. Don’t let anyone hurt you for the second time.

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What to do after a break-up? Just pick up your broken pieces and move on! 

A breakup can perform as a catalyst that activates what was lying hidden within you. Always remember that there is no set in stone trajectory as you reconcile and decide to move on in your life. What perhaps is essential is that you understand what you want at this time. And then do what you can to meet your needs in a manner that is not spiteful to others. So, go through the pain while waiting for the bad time to pass. You will, unquestionably, live on.

Still guessing what to do after a break-up? Still wondering how to move on after a breakup? Well, IMHO, just leave your fears and reconsider yourself! It’s an awesome world out there waiting for you!

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