Strained Mother-Daughter Relationships? 17 Ideal Ways to Reconcile

Let’s confess it! Strained mother-daughter relationships are a sad reality!

Mother-daughter relationships are hard and demanding.

Take a moment and think about it! Have you ever seen yourself through your mother’s eyes?

Eyes that are filled with deep pain and passionate love!

As you see the soreness in those eyes, you feel like doing everything possible to wipe away those tears.

But how do you wipe out the agony in the eyes of somebody you love unconditionally?

Is it that easy?

Wait for a second! Tell me — Do you think that you have been unsuccessful to love your mom well?  Are you struggling with this problem at present?

Well, I would love to talk heart-to-heart about the strained mother daughter relationships. And I’ll try to raise your spirits to love your momma the same way that could rub out the sting in her eyes.

We don’t always connect well with our mom. Every so often, we are busy on our laptop, phone, with our friends, or assignments. At times, our mom tries talking to us, but we just don’t pay attention, or just leave the room in frenzy.

I know! I know that you love your mother, but now and then she just drives you crazy! Right?

Well, in my view, mother-daughter relationships are powerful bonds that are capable of sculpting our lives endlessly. These relationships have the power to carry us into the future with rich concepts about affection, family, and relations. It is encumbered with the potential to bother or enrich you.

Unfortunately, more than a few mother and daughter relationships undergo some association struggle. And in spite of your best intents, the strained mother daughter relationships won’t just fade away straight away. You have to work hard to construct the kind of bond you wish to have.

Now and then, even our most precious relations feel the pain of misapprehensions, misunderstandings, and disbelief. If you are going through strained mother daughter relationships and are unsure about how to fix it, then don’t worry. Mutual understanding, determination, and a slight effort can go a long way to heal your sores!

Ideal tips to patch up and repair the strained mother-daughter relationships

The strained mother-daughter relationships are bothered with tests and defy at every phase of life. And yet we have our reasonable share of quarrels and misconceptions. But you know what?

It is always possible to reconcile by being aware of potential obstacles timely and connect cooperatively. It is always possible to patch up and make good with hugs and assertions of love, appreciation, and thankfulness!

Yes, fortunately, we can reconcile with the light of consciousness. Here, are the ideal ways to rebuild the strained mother-daughter relationships. All you need to do is concentrate on developing realistic expectations between mothers and daughters. So, before you start your quest to heal your strained mother-daughter relationships, just read these guidelines for all the support you need.

1. Don’t misinterpret or get the wrong idea about anything.

An obligatory rule for healing strained mother-daughter relationships is to never take up things on your own. Leave prejudice and bias to the side and keep yourself in the shoes of your mother or daughter to realize how you would have proceeded in her position.

  • Is your mamma asking you to do something you dislike?
  • Or as a parent, you hate your daughter’s ideology about love affairs?

Whatever is the matter, try and figure out WHY. Appreciate the uniqueness of the special lady in your life even if her ways of living life are different from yours. After all, you don’t know – possibly her way might also be right, but somewhat different!

2. Communicate

A common reason for strained mother-daughter relationships is the lack of communication. But you need to understand that neither one of you is a mind reader. So, be clear about what you want to say and mention how you’re feeling with composure. Furthermore, speak your thoughts in a genuine, wholehearted and calm way.

3. Be an active listener.

Instead of assuming that you know the whole thing, try to be all ears to what another individual is saying. When you hang on to the other person’s words, convey that she’s being perceived and understood. Don’t just pick up on the difference of opinion, but pay attention to the feelings underlying those words. This way, you can restore your strained mother-daughter relationships with no trouble!

4. Give and Receive Selfless Guidance.

I know that you value each other’s direction and support. Nevertheless, in the phase of strained mother-daughter relationships, it can be hard to be unbiased. Also, feelings can be offended if the instructions are not followed. And above, for whosoever is on the accepting end; guidance can often feel like intervention or condemnation. So, learn to appreciate each other’s intuitions and perceptions without being scornful. In the same way, offer each other the liberty and support to trust your outlooks and personalities, even if they are poles apart from yours.

5. Share your experiences with the persons you are close to.

To reunite and settle your strained mother-daughter relationships, you need to admit the reality of the past and need to have the nerve to talk about it frankly. You can voice your agony that will comfort you and allow you to go off it. All being well, your family members will support you.

6. Have realistic expectations.

Both moms and daughters often have perfectionistic expectations about each other and their association. For example, girls generally think that their mother will be cherishing them while always being available to them. I’d recommend you to stay away from such idealistic expectations while moving on with an open mind, and little or no hopes or expectations. Remember — “The lesser you expect the lesser is the chance of being let down.”

7. Learn to Forgive and Let go!

It’s often tough to forgive and forget when somebody hurts your feelings or emotional state. Every so often, rather than paying attention to what others say, corroborating their emotions and making an apology, we feel personally attacked and beat off with crueler arguments. But this way, you just cause more annoyance and feel offended about yourself. According to the Huffington Post, making an apology after a squabble opens the door to an honest discussion that allows you to acknowledge better how your arguments and activities make each other feel.

8. Walk a mile in her shoes.

If you’re a mom, imagine your daughter as a girl with her “own troubles and pains.” If you are a daughter, think of your mom as a woman born and grown in a different age group with different beliefs and morals. In essence, address your mother or daughter’s state of mind with the responsiveness and try finding the middle ground.

9. Stay cool and calm

Again, I know it’s easier said than done! But trust me! Staying level-headed, calm and cool is half the battle won. Now and then, we live it up when the other person doesn’t even understand our viewpoint. When trying to resolve the strained mother daughter relationships, start by putting yourself in a peaceful psychological state. Even if your feelings are offended and you wish to scream, stay peaceful and think twice before you say something. And yes, don’t forget to perform yoga and deep breathing on a regular basis.

10. Don’t hesitate to amend your attitude.

Emotional cut off in the mother-daughter relationships may cause distress not just amongst you, but also disturb the entire family. Each person in the family feels the stress, and they need to skulk around you. If you wish to restore your strained mother-daughter relationships, accept the fact that even you can be at fault. Try to accept your mistakes. Always be willing to listen what your mom or daughter is saying. No matter if you don’t come to an understanding of the other’s perception. Lending a non-judgmental ear to the other person will make healing strained mother-daughter relationships stress-free and relaxed.

11. Discover Common Interests 

Spending peaceful time together while exploring common leisure pursuits helps you nurture your strained mother-daughter relationships. Do you think that both of you are not interested in the same activities? Well, if yes, then discover something that is entirely new to both of you! You can carve out some free time to try a new hobby that can get you closer and produce exciting memories in transit.

12. Go for clothes or grocery shopping together.

WikiHow tells you to go and enjoy shopping together. And yes it’s worth it! If there’s anything in the world that may develop girls’ connections and interactions, then it’s nothing else but shopping. You’ll discover an opportunity to connect heart-to-heart and learn more about each other’s fads while getting to know each other. You can go together for the supermarket run and pick out treats for dinner or delightful hors d’oeuvres. Place some things in the cart of the other person’s choice and get the ball rolling.

13. Watch an amazing movie together at home

Now, this is again an amazing activity to do together at home, particularly while it’s raining out. Viewing some attention-grabbing movies together can go a long way to get you closer.  Humorous family-movies are the incredible choice for all ages and have the power to make both of you smile. Another great option is to watch television shows. You can find a TV serial that would be admired by both moms and daughters. Get some time off your work and watch it together.

14. Cook something together. 

One more exciting way for both of you to connect is through cooking or baking a scrumptious delicacy together. Another major benefit of this aspect is that you can learn while your mom can teach you something to cook. Get some recipe books and glance over them together to see what you can prepare together.

15. Play a game together. 

Yes! Here’s another fascinating way to intermingle – just play a super interesting game together. You can plan for a game night together on the weekend, or just take a break from the routine and occupy yourself with an exciting game. Some of the games that I prefer playing with my mom are Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Scrabble, and card games.

16. Make an Adjustment

If making some ups and downs seems to be essential in your relationship, go for it! Not because somebody else thinks like that or is compelling you to adjust. Instead, do it because your adjustment will transform your strained mother-daughter relationships constructively. Now and then, we create complications and need to look at our deeds and conduct. So, think about it!

17. Try to find expert help.

Using a counsellor, you can gain healthy mother-daughter relationships therapy. There are several psychoanalysts out there who are ready to lend a hand and thus, offer a notable support. You get the opportunity to talk over your strained mother-daughter relationships in a patient, tolerant setting, with individuals who comprehend what you are going through. A therapist will provide you the understanding, inspiration, and compassion you need as you work toward overpowering the old pain while reconciling.

Put some effort in and make your strained mother-daughter relationships the best you can!

We live in a male-controlled society, where regularly the child-father relationship is given more courtesy and is more respected. However, in my view, mother-daughter relationships are truly sanctified bonds that are worth maintaining. And how to heal the strained mother-daughter relationships is a question with quite a lot of answers. But do you think it can be done in a day? Well, as long as essential subjects aren’t dealt with, you’ll have to face a lot of teething troubles.

So, remember…

Monitor these guidelines to revamp your bond and heal your strained mother-daughter relationships.  These are the easiest, most fundamental ways to open the doors to a much better association with the most important individual in your lives. Besides, give up your control on matters that aren’t yours to handle. It’s only reasonable that you make that additional effort for your bond that’s indeed worth stabilizing.

Do you find this article valuable? Share it with your loved ones and let them know how to resolve the strained mother-daughter relationships to make their life better.

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