Being Single Vs. Being In a Relationship, What’s Better?

So, tell me, being single vs. being in a relationship, what is the eventual champion for you? Confused? We just can’t get the best of both the worlds. Right?

Well, before you jump into a clear decision, let me tell you one thing. No matter if you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll always wish you were the contrary. Yes! Believe me! The grass is always greener on the other side, you see. Even the happiest couples miss the exhilaration of courting and the independence of single-hood. And even the most ‘free and ‘independent’ Romeos can see the worth of having a dear one around them to hang out with. So, in all conscience, each side of the coin has its benefits and rip-offs.

If you’re single, then you may be mindful about how it sucks not to have anyone with whom you can share your life. How you time and again feel isolated or miss that physical and emotional connection. You may stare at other couples bitterly and wish that you had somebody to cuddle.

Now, let us get to the other side of the same coin (Relationship vs. Single). A lot of people view being in a relationship as the eventual loss of personal liberty. After all, as soon as you tie yourself in a bond, private space usually turns out to be a thing of the past. However, there are some who view being in a right relationship as a stride towards maturity and adore its pleasures and challenges.

In my estimation, though being in a relationship can be a remarkable experience, there are moments when being single knocks it off. In my view, relationships have a lot of downsides. And even though couples are always laughing, peaceful, and cheerful on social media, each relationship has its dark side that’s full of thorns. So, if you’re single, be happy that you can procure the profits of ‘freedom.’

But that’s not the case for everybody! So the question remains — Being single vs. being in a relationship — what would you choose to be? In this article, we are presenting several advantages and disadvantages of both being in a relationship vs. being single. So, explore your preferences and choose what you feel is right for you.

Being single vs. being in a relationship: What’s the difference between the two ways of life?

What are the delicate differences between the single life and the relationship life? From how you spend your time, to how much money you have in your wallet — being single vs. being in a relationship are two entirely diverse worlds. Let us check out what’s so good and bad about each lifestyle.

What are the advantages of being single?

We all have heard of the tale — that being single lets an individual have a serious amount of ‘independence’ and ‘personal space.’ And we all have heard about being controlled in a relationship. Haven’t we? If you’re single, then you can easily focus on your education or profession without having the disturbances that come with a relationship. Another great thing about being single is having the prospect of meeting a lot of different persons. Being single, you get the chance to date and explore more than a few choices. And this will, in due course, lead to an ultimately committed relationship. Want to know more about its advantages? Well, just read on to know all the benefits of being single in a nutshell.

  • You get a lot of time for yourself

Being single allows you to concentrate on yourself, without the interference of any other person. You can focus on developing your professional skills, explore new ventures for travelling or pick up a new sideline. Likewise, you get a lot of time to know and explore your potentials. It is essential to building a strong ‘relationship with yourself’ as there will be times in your life when the single person you can depend on and believe in is yourself. So, take your time and strength to form that bond.

  • You have freedom

Being single allows you to do whatever and whenever you want. No matter if you want to stay out late at night with friends or have a dinner at the middle of the night. Or if you just want to concentrate a bit more on your career. You can do it without any blame or explanation. Being in a healthy relationship is all about finding the middle grounds,  problems, and compromises. However, if you’re single, you don’t need to compromise at all.

  • You can concentrate on your friendships

As soon as you enter a committed relationship, your world begins to orbit around your companion. You just don’t get the time to form, cultivate and grow stable alliances with friends. Being single gives you the time and oomph to develop long-term amicable relationships with friends.

  • No one to be envious or jealous

If you would have ever been in a relationship, you must be aware of how much energy you need to deal with your mate’s jealousy. And if you are the victim of being insecure in a relationship, then may God bless you!! Distrust, jealousy, suspicion, and possessiveness needs a lot of time and sweat to control. One of the great things about being single is that you don’t have to care about who’s texting whom. Besides, you don’t have to concern about why your phone calls are going unreciprocated while your partner is busy with some important work.

  • You won’t be unhappy

Quite a lot of people stay in a hopeless relationship far longer than they must just for the reason that they are tired of being single. In my view, it’s better to be single than being unhappy in a relationship. If you stay in a desperate relationship, you will just open yourself up to the pressure and shame that comes together with it. If you stay with somebody who isn’t right for you, you eventually fail to meet new people who could make you feel joyful. So, being lonely and single is not that bad. Right?

What are the advantages of being in a relationship?

Having the assurance of persistent companionship is a tempting notion. Isn’t it? Well, being in a healthy relationship delivers such a benefit to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Yes, being in a relationship might not give you the liberty that single life does. But you’ll always have somebody to talk to; somebody to have fun with, a shoulder to yell on, and someone to celebrate your great moments of life with. Here, you can check out all the advantages of being in a relationship.

  • You Will Always Have Someone to Experience Your Life With

When you’re in a relationship, you can enjoy the company of your companion all the time. You can share all your happiness and sadness with your partner. Also, your partner will always be there to listen to you. Even when you are going through tough time, your companion will always stand by your side. And eventually, this leads to developing a stronger love connection.

  • Affection and Care

Being with somebody or holding someone’s hands may let you get through your worries in life. Having a warming cuddle and consoling support of your companion may let you heal your pain offering a massive dosage of affection and care.

  • Offers a helping hand

Men and women are different to each other in some things like power, knowledge, strength and the rest. So, your woman can assist you in preparing food and organizing your house. On the other side, your man can comfort you by solving problems associated with technology or physical strength. In essence, lending a hand to your partner do a job is obliging, motivating and supportive.

  • Love offers Security in life

We all know that as a human being, we have three necessities for existence:

  • Food
  • Air
  • Water

Nevertheless, these three fundamental things are not sufficient to live a human life. To live a happy life, we all need love. ‘Love’ is not a materialistic article like food, water or air but it is a feature that keeps your soul alive and keeps your heart beating. As a result, you can live an accomplished life with your dear one.

  • Helps Improve Quality Of Life

Certain scientific proofs propose that people having committed relationship often attain better reactions to pressure, nervousness, depression, and controlled blood pressure levels. There is a reason for this fact. As being in a relationship, you have to keep a smaller amount of secrets, mainly things that you cannot converse with your associates and friends. And so, you have a better quality of life.

Now, let us come to the downsides of being single vs. being in a relationship?

When it’s about being single vs. being in a relationship, both have their own set of pros and cons, as with everything else in life. Every individual is different, and each person has a different longing regarding relationships. There might be few who’d decide on being single as they need to concentrate on their career. So, does that mean that they are self-centered? Of course not! They are rather committed to their profession rather than being committed to a person.

However, being lonely and single has some problems as well. A single person is repetitively interrogated from his/her family about the reason for being single.

“Why don’t you date someone?”

“Let me set a blind date for you?”

“Shall I set you with a person for an arranged marriage?”

So, you see, life is hard. Time and again, you have to go through all the family drama as you can’t enjoy the luxury of having a confidant by your side as there is in a relationship.

For some, being single would be awesome while others incline for connection to their partner.  Persons who are in a relationship have the longing to experience company. They want to feel the comfort of having somebody in life on which they can turn to at all times. Those living in a committed relationship may perhaps experience concerns with feeling disappointed and clogged as well. They might feel tangled down with their lover to try and attain some serious objectives of life. In the long run, they may lose their motivation and get irritated at the absence of private time that they must possess. And then, we are also aware of the risks of being in an abusive relationship or the signs of being abused in a relationship.

Being single vs. being in a relationship: Who is the ultimate champion?

In my view, Single vs. Relationship is an intense rivalry. Both being single and being in a relationship have their drawbacks and rewards. Being single, you can live a life with lack of restrictions. You get the gift of concentrating on yourself while being in a healthy relationship lets you experience life with someone special.  However, if you are relatively liberal, you may suffer from the penalties of being unhappy in a relationship. But if what you look for is companionship, then being in a healthy relationship offers you a perfect situation. Both the ways of life have their detriments and can provide particular challenges. But then again, both lifestyles can be worthwhile. At last, it’s up to you to decide that what would work finest for you and your life.

What’s my choice — Being single vs. being in a relationship?

In my opinion, when it’s about choosing between Single vs. Relationship, I have a preference for being single. Why? Well, this is because being single means that you’re the mistress of your destiny. That means your life is yours — there’s no one to control you. You don’t have to text anyone all the time to tell him or her that you’re awake, or sleeping, or eating, or drinking or even bathing. As a single person, you are unrestricted and irregular while a stable relationship comes together with a routine. Then there comes a day when you are fed up of this dull routine. Whereas, when you’re single, you don’t have to check in with your companion all the time. Trust me; the principal shortcoming of being in a relationship is that one day you’ll figure out that you just want to be single and free. So, embrace that you’re single!

Happiness is all about embracing little moments of life! In spite of concentrating on what you don’t have in your life, we recommend accepting the profits of your present status: Single vs. Relationship… No matter what!

Being single vs. being in a relationship: What do you think is the best?

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