How much do looks matter in a relationship? Science Has An Answer

What do you think? How much do looks matter in a relationship? Do they matter? Or they don’t? Well, if being a pretty girl means that I can find a better partner, can have more friends and get better jobs then it is convenient to be good-looking. Isn’t it? After all, who doesn’t want to be good-looking?

Come on, let’s face it, we just can’t escape this mania with being beautiful! Since we were very young, we have seen cute babies getting a lot of consideration. When we were in school, the pretty girls always had a lot of friends, while the unattractive ones had to work extremely hard to be noted. Unfair right? But true by all means! So, yes, I would choose to be a pretty girl if given the option. Based upon few of my interpretations of ‘typical beauty,’ I know it would offer me a possible edge in my life.

Do looks matter in a relationship?

Before answering this, I’d like to ask you a question. May I? Okay, so tell me, what is ‘beauty’ according to you? Perchance, each one of us has given this query a thought at one point or another. Being beautiful provides you an edge above the rest, but what exactly is it? Being beautiful means that an individual has few parts those are more eye-catching and more inviting. Right? Well, in today’s society, we are unable to picture that the soul of beauty shoots from a person’s inner strength and depth. That’s why; we always try to embrace an attractive appearance. That’s why we strive to be a part of the circle of pretty girls and handsome boys. Don’t we?

Come on, let us accept it! The ever-growing market of high-performance cosmetics, beauty and skincare products, make-up tips, how to do make-up videos and tutorials – everything takes the fact that we want to join the league of physically attractive people. Why can’t you admit it, then? That’s because deep within our heart, we want to believe that ‘true beauty’ is without sleight of hand. We want to believe that our character has the power to lustre in the long run over any make-up or surgery.

But the reality doesn’t let us believe that! Doesn’t it? We all know that to compete with the professed “beautiful” people, the “not-so-beautiful” person has to go that extra mile. But do you know that what’s that one thing that ‘beautiful’ people have while the ‘not-so-beautiful’ people don’t? The answer is a boost in your self-confidence and self-worth. This boost in ‘self-confidence’ transforms into better efficiency. So how do you get that ‘self-confidence’? Confidence often is an outcome of a multi-dimensional life. And to enjoy this kind of life, you need to follow your passions, be innovative, have determination, and carry on eloquent relationships.

Relationships? Another thing at which all beautiful people master! Right? Do looks matter in a relationship? How important is physical appearance in a relationship? In reality, they are not! Trust me! While beautiful people have a clear benefit when it comes to finding companions, research suggests that being a pretty girl won’t let you have a better relationship. In fact, the study proposes that relationships of physically attractive persons are more probable to breakdown.

Research suggests that good-looking people are susceptible to shorter marriages

I’m talking about ‘Attractiveness and relationship longevity: Beauty is not what it is cracked up to be,’ a new study conducted by Harvard University scholars. The study proposes a sensible answer to the life-long question – Do looks matter in a relationship? The research states that good-looking people are more probable to get separated than those who are considered less beautiful. Surprised? Don’t be! Believe me; it’s factual!

Christine Ma-Kellams and her co-workers at Harvard University initiated the research. They requested two women to evaluate the charm of 238 men in their high school yearbooks. Then the researchers analyzed the data of those people’s marriage and breakup. The men regarded as more good-looking were found to be more probable to separation. Their marriages ended up lasting for a shorter duration. Later, the researchers retrieved the breakup and marriage statistics for the top 20 actors and actresses registered on IMDB. Furthermore, they examined world’s 100 most influential celebs according to  Forbes. The same women who evaluated the men’s desirability in the first study assessed the charm of the superstars as well. And the results were shocking!

The good-looking stars were found to be more probable to separation. Why? Perhaps, the reason for this is that the so-called “beautiful” people revealed more interest in alternative companions. Mainly when they were unhappy in their present affairs! That is, it’s somewhat hard to settle down with a handsome man. It is because you’ll always be troubled that he’s going to ditch you for another gorgeous girl. And it’s not what I’m saying, science says he perhaps will. And it’s just as right for women as it is for men.

So what does that mean? Do looks matter in a relationship?

With this, I mean that your relationship is the coming together of two souls and minds. While you walk down the aisle, you pledge to love your mate for life. Through that promise, you create a sustaining atmosphere for your kids to prosper. And in this way, you make this world a better place. It all begins with whom we tie the knot. So, what matters is — what they are on the inside and not what they appear to be on the outside.

Hey, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that you must not marry someone who is beautiful. What I’m saying is that “beauty” should not be the only characteristic you must be looking for. It should not be the only adjudging criteria where intellect, character, and morals all take a back seat. When seeking a partner, you wish to find a companion that lives up to your needs and makes you happy. Even though appearances might bring both of you together in the beginning; it is the love, friendliness, and compassion that would keep you together in due course.

On the whole, physical appearance does not matter in the game of love.

Do looks matter in a relationship? NO! You don’t have to look as good as a celeb to find a considerate partner who cares for you. In fact, if you ask me for my outlook, then taking everything into account, looks, should be a non-essential standard to judge someone. The reason for this is that your looks are provisional, while your heart and character are forever. And it’s not just me! In fact, researchers at Harvard would advise you the same. So what this shows is that being beautiful may make you a looked-for partner, at the outset of your relationship. But, in reality, it’s no interpreter of whether a relationship will last forever. So now, if a handsome man or a pretty girl rejects you, you have a better way to comfort yourself. Who knows if your hookup would have lasted or not anyway!

So, what’s your opinion? How much do looks matter in a relationship? Share it with us in the comments.

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