Our Approach

Do you ever wish to plan your life the way you want it? Do you ever feel like settling for nothing but the best? Do you want your life to be full of interesting escapades, journeys, adventures, and quests where you have the liberty to live your life your way? Well, if yes, then

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At The Pink Crayons, you can explore what it takes to live the life with a vision to reach your greatest potential. After all, what it takes to make this world a better place is just a few socially aware people, and some LOVE! And that’s just what The Pink Crayons is all about. To distribute LOVE with a boost of CONSCIOUSNESS!

Lets Talk About Our Roots

So, what are our roots? What is ‘The Pink Crayons’ all about?

You can imagine The Pink Crayons as a bold and wonderful pal you love having your evening cup of coffee with. Someone who has all the booty and all that “cool” or “not so cool” stuff that leaves you feeling enthused and loving life more than ever!

Just like your BFF!

Whether it’s the awkward problems of a single mother, issues of office harassment, dirty politics or the dirtier picture of the society, we’ll cut all the crap and present you the epic that’s larger-than-life.

We make a stand for everything and we’d appreciate your disapproval just as much as your appreciation. Our sagas won’t just amaze, motivate, incite, provoke or inspire you. In fact, they may perhaps open up your hearts or alter your minds.

With a firm belief that eloquent and expressive information can empower us, we strive to make the whole world a better place. We love our readers and to place them in the limelight, we are going to feature YOU. How? Well, by presenting your stories, expressing your beliefs and highlighting your views.

The Mind Behind “The Pink Crayons”


My name is Sunidhi Agarwal. I’ve created The Pink Crayons with the vision of delivering opinions and experiences that we need on a day-to-day basis to endow ourselves in every single way. Hot coffee, some inspirations, and your love are what keep me going!

Though I am the person behind this website, it is not mine. It’s OURS!!!

After all, it becomes a lot cooler and easier to voice your opinion in this alien world when you know that you’re not alone. It’s all about the thoughts that make logic and create a great difference when functional.

So, The Pink Crayons is not just about me. In fact, it’s ABOUT US.

Sunidhi Agarwal

Sunidhi Agarwal (That’s me :))

Founder & CEO

Next Steps…

I invite you to involve yourself and start exploring The Pink Crayons by commenting and sharing your stories.

So go on! This is the place for you!

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