How to Deal with Rejection and Ease off Like a Pro

Today, we’ll talk about how to deal with REJECTION! We’ll know how to handle REJECTION or the fear of rejection.


That one not so little thing you just can’t stand! That one thing that always gets a strong, sensitive and intense reaction!

I just can’t stand the betraying two lettered term “NO.” Can you?

I know it hurts. Fear of rejection can make us unbelievably insecure and self-doubting. Isn’t it?

So, how to deal with rejection?

Despite the fact that rejection doesn’t feel amazing and at times it feels terrible, it shouldn’t be anything you allow to ruin your life. You know what the reality of life is? Well, the truth is that rejection is a part of life.

There are moments when your job request, your love proposal or your thoughts are rejected by somebody, somewhere.

But you know what? No matter if it’s your job, love, friends or anything else; a rejection is not anything that must affect your happiness.

Knowing how to deal with rejection helps you lessen your sorrow.

How to handle rejection? How to cope with rejection?

Most of our let-downs in life come to us in the form of rejection. It is a healthy approach to admit that rejection is a part of life. And understanding how to deal with rejection will help you lower your agony and bounce back to your usual life.

In fact, the way you choose for dealing with rejection could control the complete path of your future. Haven’t yet mastered the art of dealing with rejection? Well, you have to. You just can’t accept your conquest, right?

So, how to say NO to “NO”?

How to deal with rejection? How to get over rejection?

Don’t worry; I’ll help you dealing with rejection and discovering your way to bounce back.

How to deal with rejection and bounce back to your regular life?

No matter if you were let off for a job promotion, or gone through a love rejection, the truth remains that REJECTION HURTS.

It approaches as one of the most vicious stakes to the mind and soul and directly blows and shatters our ego. Indeed, our ego is the innate sense of self that holds our self-importance, honour, and self-esteem intact.

As a result, when our ego is hurt, we start pointing the finger at ourselves. We take up that there must be something wrong with us and start condemning the behaviour that headed towards our rejection.

Rejection can be somewhat a let-down, particularly when we pile our optimism on a positive result. After all, nobody likes to hear a “No,” when it is way better to hear a “Yes.” Isn’t it?

But the truth is that each one of us has been there. Rejection is, was and will be a regular a part of our life. It happens to every man jack.

It’s how to handle rejection and how to get over rejection that makes all the difference.

By seeing rejection as a learning experience, you are inevitably going to get more “yes’s” far along. I know it’s easier said than done, but how to handle rejection is not a no-win game.

Here, I’m sharing more than a few methods of dealing with rejection that will make things easier and more manageable for you.

How to deal with rejection #1: Expect rejection ahead of time

Yes, you read that right!

Expecting rejection can help you in more than a few ways.

First of all, it challenges you to set a high level to what you do. As you’re expecting a rejection in advance, it would assert you to push your confines and help you put your best foot forward. And guess what? It may increase your probabilities of hearing a “YES.”

On the other hand, imagine if you face rejection, it will help you in dealing with rejection in a better way as you’re now ready for it.

So, do you understand what the point here is? Well, the core idea here is to do your best, while getting ready to deal with the worst.

How to deal with rejection #2: Shift your focus.

There can’t be a better guideline on how to deal with rejection than to shift your focus. Instead of concentrating on your rejection, focus on anything that’s more heartening or enriching. If you’re wondering how to overcome rejection, merely change your focus, and it would work pretty well.

Don’t bother yourself. There are more than a few ways that will help you shift your focus to meditation, cognitive therapy, memorizing a beautiful experience, laughing, or smiling.

I know it’s hard mainly when you’re dealing with rejection. However, with continuous effort, it might get more comfortable and turns out to be a growing habit of your life.

How to deal with rejection #3: Concede your emotions.

How to deal with rejection?

How to handle rejection when you are doing nothing but suppressing, disregarding, and denying your agony? For dealing with rejection, you need to accept your emotions.

Recognize when you feel humiliated, depressed, upset, or disheartened. Have confidence in your power to deal with painful feelings of break-up, divorce or rejection, face-to-face. It is indispensable for dealing with rejection and coping with your uneasiness in a healthy way.

No matter if you’ve been going through a love rejection or turned down for a job promotion. The truth is that rejection SUCKS.

So, trying to reduce your distress by convincing yourself that it was “not a big deal” will just extend your agony. In fact, the best way for dealing with rejection is to confront them face-to-face.

How to deal with rejection #4: Have a proper grieving time.

It’s natural to feel sad due to rejection. No matter if it’s a love rejection, job rejection or the fear of rejection. It’s upright for you to give yourself some time to grieve and process the rejection.

How to deal with rejection?

What you can do is take a day off your work or plan a night out. Or else just stay in and watch a TV show or a movie in its place.  For myself, I mostly go out for a walk or spree on my favorite chocolate cake.

But please don’t go overboard and spend all your days weeping in your house self-pitying your depression from rejection. That may perhaps make your condition more miserable in the long run.

How to deal with rejection #5: Involve in Optimistic Self-Talk.

Keep your morale high even after a rejection. In fact, the best method of dealing with rejection is to involve in positive self-talk.

How to deal with rejection by engaging in positive self-talk?

Well, try to involve in solution-based thinking. This way, you’ll be able to learn from your experience while looking for innovative ideas that may support you in modifying your attitude.

Moreover, try to stay calm and composed and don’t react to your rejection in a harmful, ridiculous or offensive way. Trust me, if you maintain a cool head, you’ll always be able to control your situation better.

It will let you boost your levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, and dignity while moving forward.

How to deal with rejection #6: Allot a positive purpose to your rejection

How to deal with rejection?

Well, one of the best ways of dealing with rejection is by conveying a positive intent to your condition. As soon as somebody rejects you; just has faith that whatever took place is for the better. Don’t worry as quickly you’ll be able to find somebody or an opportunity that’s going to be better in all ways.

So, how to handle rejection? How to assign a definite purpose to your rejection?

Well, here are some ways that may let you discover a positive purpose while dealing with rejection:

  • It is not yours but her/his loss for rejecting you.
  • The reason that you got rejected means that something better is on your way.
  • The rejection is going to teach you a new message or leave you with a meaningful experience.

How to deal with rejection #7: Stop playing the victim.

Yes! Stop playing the victim and take responsibility for your feelings and sentiments. A lot of people, when rejected, often start believing that there is anything wrong with them.

“Why didn’t he love me back?”

Is there anything wrong with me?” and blah blah blah…

Trust me! Playing the victim card won’t do any good and instead would make it quite hard for you to deal with rejection.

So, more willingly you’d believe that your contentment is what matters, sooner you’ll be contented.

So, how to handle rejection with ease?

Tell yourself that the tough phase will pass away shortly as it actually will. Keep repeating that your rejection is provisional and you may be even grateful for this bitter experience well along.

How to deal with rejection #8: Engage in other activities.

There are a lot of physical and non-physical activities out there that encourages us to concentrate outside of our frustration and live in the moment. That’s the primary reason why we feel so full of life and zip when we are active. In fact, do you know that your day-to-day activities can even turn out to be addictive? Yes!

Here’s how to deal with rejection by engaging in any of these helpful and constructive activities:

  • Learn something new.

Learning a new skill can be exciting. Along with the apparent benefits, it would help you reconcile by keeping you busy and absorbed. On top of that, learning something new may even help you explore better opportunities or meet new people.

  • Travel

New and gorgeous places are exciting to explore all the time. Visiting a new place may divert your attention from undesirable feelings and add pleasure to your life.

  • Meet new people.

Every time you meet somebody new, you put your best foot forward. It may perhaps convince you to pick yourself up. Furthermore, new people have some unique and stirring stories to share. It may help you stay occupied and diverted as well.

How to deal with rejection #9: Don’t take your rejection personally.

Do you know why we feel the pain of rejection for the most part? That’s because we often feel emotionally involved to that individual.

Just take a moment and consider what you would feel if you had no feelings for them? In all probability, then, their rejection would not mean anything to you. And then you won’t ask how to deal with rejection anymore.

Every so often, rejection turns out to be a burden we carry entirely on our shoulders where we guilt nothing but ourselves.

But believe me! Rejection has nothing to do with what you are as a person. It is merely a part of your life. Don’t consider your rejection to be a personal attack on you. It isn’t your fault either.

How to deal with rejection #10: Never stop trying.

All right, so the things didn’t work out the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth… time around, right? Well, that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you should never stop trying.

See life is a game. You’re playing the game of your life, and for the time being, your life is not going your way. So what you can do is regulate your plan and strategies and play once more.

Got rejected another time? So what? Does that matter? No!

Your rejection is just a consideration that you haven’t yet reckoned a grand plan that will work in this specific game. That’s all!

So, modify your line of attack and give it a go. Life is nothing but a game of numbers. Right?

How to deal with rejection #11: Learn from Rejection.

Yes! Ask yourself, “What did I gain from this rejection?”

Instead of just bearing the pain, turn your rejection into an opportunity for self-development. Learn about zones that need improvement in your life and make out that being rejected wasn’t as terrible as you made-up.

Remember that rejection can be a good teacher and use it as a chance to move ahead with more knowledge.

Now, concentrate on what you can give to the individual who may choose you far along. Remind yourself of all the incredible talents you have and try to exemplify those abilities.

Rejection is not the end of the world.

So, how to deal with rejection? How to handle rejection? Or how to cope with rejection?

Well, why you should?

So what if he/she rejected you? Is it the end of the world? Of course not!

Stop caring about what others think of you, and dealing with rejection would become a cakewalk for you.

Think about it!

Do you like every Tom, Dick, and Harry you meet? No right?

When you accept the fact that the whole world you meet is not going to like you, you become a pro at dealing with rejection.

So don’t give that damn sh*t to the person who rejected you for what you are or what you aren’t!

I mean there are around 7.6 billion people in this world. Better tell that person to f*ck off, and give somebody else a shot.

What do you think? How to deal with rejection? Now I’d love to hear from you! Open your heart and feel free to share your experiences. Your kind words may be the best thing someone would need for dealing with rejection. Cheers!

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