Signs of True Love from a Man: 12 True Signs He Loves You Deeply

Do you feel like falling for his appealing charms and endearing smile, those chivalrous ways and his loving heart? So do you think these are the signs of true love from a man? Here, to help you out with our personal experiences, we are sharing true signs he loves you deeply.  So read on to know the signs of true love from a man and figure out if his love for you is the genuine deal and not just a passing obsession.

Signs of True Love from a Man: 12 True Signs He Loves You Deeply

“He loves me, he loves me not?”

Well, we wish finding the answer to this query could be as simple as pulling those flower petals. But sadly, it is nowhere close to that. Instead, it is way more complex.

They say it’s hard to understand women.

But you know what… For us (women), men are exceedingly mysterious beings too. A closed book; iconic for their enigma, particularly in the division of love (for us at least)! We (women) always try to make out what their elusive words, actions, and whereabouts imply. And unfortunately, men don’t come with a love-o-meter that might convey exactly at what position we stand in their lives.

So, when it’s about love and relationships, ladies are famous for dissecting all they can while expecting to get a slight bit of more insight into his mind.

And why not? After all, love is a complicated thing and we don’t know what does love feel like to men. You never know when you’d stumble upon a moron who will swear that he loves you like no one would ever do. But, in reality, he won’t give a damn about your love or you. Instead, he would simply be interested in some kind of action along the way—or maybe seeking for some pleasure in the form of friends with benefits relationship. So, here comes the problem that you’re going to get committed and involved. And well along, you’ll get easily offended when you lastly realize he is an absolute douche.

And then, you could have a sincere and a wonderful guy who really loves you but perhaps he’s not prepared to say it yet. Perhaps he’s been hurt earlier. So now, he might be playing it safe. He might love you from the depth of his heart, but would not be ready to express it.

But no matter what, each guy shows some signs naively – the true signs he loves you deeply. And as soon as you get along with these signs of true love from a man, things will be far easier.

Lookout for These 12 True Signs He Loves You Deeply Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud.

So, let’s play around with top 12 signs of true love from a man. I’m sure these are the true signs he loves you deeply and would describe the passion and intensity of his love, rain or shine.

Signs of True Love from a Man #1: He’s there for you all the time, even on the rainy days.

Life is not just about sunshine and rainbows all the time. At times, it can be tough as hell. And while any person can stay next to you on the bright and sunshiny days, the real test of love ensues through the rainy days.

Nail down that there will be tests, losses, rejections and let-downs, but the right man would be standing there – right in front of you every time you need security, behind you while you need backing, and next to you when on earth you need a companion.

So look out if he stands there to hold the “umbrella” for you during those rainy days. If yes, then marry him – right away 😉

Signs of True Love from a Man #2: He answers your text messages on a dime.

He answers your text messages thereupon – without delay. If the man you love loves you back, he will make sure that he replies your text messages on a dime. Even if that isn’t really important, he will answer it right off the bat. No matter if what you’re asking him is simply a fun question to ask a boyfriend – nothing important.

The only moment when he won’t answer you are when he is in a conference and can’t use his cell phone lately. But still, he’ll try replying you as soon as possible so that you don’t have to hold your fire for his response.  He knows that waiting for somebody’s answer is such an annoying thing. In fact, he would keep checking his inbox over and over for your texts.

For all intents and purposes, men don’t really like sending texts, but if he really loves you, he will reply as soon as possible. This is one of the true signs he loves you deeply.

Signs of True Love from a Man #3: He goes out of his way to make you happy.

Is he there for you every time you face an issue?  Or does he make that extra effort just for the sake of getting you something you like? That may sound a bit small, but really, it is something that paints a clear picture.

When he loves you, he wants you to be happy in life. Notice the love of your life and see if he possesses any of such qualities. After all, true love is about meeting wishes and needs of the other individual.  Being caring when it is convenient is one thing but that’s not true love. Meaning of true love is being thoughtful and selfless even when it is not convenient.

Signs of True Love from a Man #4: He isn’t scared to talk about his future with YOU.

Commitment is a thing that boys don’t really like to do. So, if he starts to put forward that he is seeing a future together with you, it may perhaps mean that he is willing to commit to you.

If he is only interested in a short-term connection, then he won’t feel any desire to talk about any future plans with you, let alone take up both of your futures together as one.  However, if he is willing to invest the whole thing it takes to manifest the future he dreams of with you, these are the true signs he loves you deeply.

When he loves you, he will not think of his present relationship as his freedom being seized from him. In its place, he will see it as a chance to finally have a companion as a 24/7 mate with whom he can share and plot his future.

Signs of True Love from a Man #5: He appreciates you missing him and he misses you when you’re away from each other.

He acts considerate and thoughtful around you, but what about the moments when you are far away? Does, at times, he goes days, weeks or months without getting across? Or does he keep on giving lame excuses or show lesser determination to reach out when you have been away for a moment? Does he acknowledge that you miss him? And does he miss you?

When he loves you he will try to connect all the time, even if it’s a long distance relationship. He’ll send you amusing photographs, videos or posts that he discovers online just to make you beam while you’re away from each other.

And that doesn’t mean he would be continually thinking about every bit of your existence! Something like that would lead to a harmful obsession. So, on the healthy side, he will try to win over the space distance may have generated between you. Call up that a man generally falls in love in the absence of a woman and not in her company.

Signs of True Love from a Man #6: He treats you like a lady.

Yeah, there are quite a few men out there who don’t really treat women well. They consider that they can talk to a lady just the way they like, without feeling awkward about it. But, when he loves you, he is going to treat you like a lady.

Your partner would behave like a true gentleman, a knight who grew up with decent etiquettes. He would do everything a well-mannered and polished gentleman would do to respect the lady next to him.

And if you don’t find such traits in the man you love, he isn’t in love with you girl and might be just using you. So, you better break up. Every lady in the world deserves to be treated as a lady, and only the chap who really loves you will be able to do that.

Signs of True Love from a Man #7: He is supportive of your dreams.

One of the true signs he loves you deeply is that he certainly not giggles at your dreams, no matter how impractical they sound. He is always standing behind you to support your choices and judgments. He goes that extra mile to help you out when it is about appreciating your dreams.  And that is not for he doesn’t have his own dreams, but because he wants to line-up with you. He feels that it is a remarkable way to come closer to you and express how much he cares about you.

But plans don’t always go as intended. No worries! One of the indisputable and true signs he loves you deeply is that he always has a tissue set every time you fail and understand how high you set the bar. When he loves you, he becomes super caring and compassionate and cheers you up, doing whatsoever you love the most. Instead of telling you that you’re a lame fantasist who refuses to live in the genuine world, he’ll inspire you to conquer the world together.

Signs of True Love from a Man #8: He loves you even without your makeup on.

Yea! Your sensual outfit with the makeup on might get a lot of heads turning while you walk with confidence in the pub. After all, you are a gorgeous princess who loves to ‘dress to impress’. But your man loves you the way you look when you’re dressed down as well… Even on that no-makeup day when you hate your dappled face! Even when you’re in your pajamas!  After all the reasons to love someone cannot be your suggestive outfit and trendy makeup, right?

Know by heart that no matter how gorgeous you may look on a usual Saturday night, it’s not going to be the same 10 years down the road. So you must have somebody by your side that will look the same way into your eyes 10 years down the pike and still say those three magical words to you.

Signs of True Love from a Man #9: He says “we” more than “you” or “I.”

Another obvious signs he loves you deeply is that he says “we” instead of “I”. And that is a big deal of course. This says that he is constantly thinking about the two of you as a team and that he includes you in his future plans. Words like “us” and “we” develop faith in relationships.  And it means that he is a keeper as he values the fact that he is with you, and is always thinking about you.

Signs of True Love from a Man #10: He doesn’t try to change you.

Well, the perfect one doesn’t need any change to be incorporated in them and that’s how he sees you. He appreciates you and would do all to keep you the way you are. And hypothetically that’s how love is made-up to be. You cannot love somebody if you want to change something about them, right?

By accepting you for what you are, he would add a hint of impetus and enthusiasm to your aims in life. And nothing would give him more pleasure and contentment than seeing you achieve something and get to the top.

Do you know what does a man think when he falls in love? Well, when he loves you he wouldn’t want you any other way. He will ascertain that you recognize your true value and he won’t miss a single chance to prove it to you. And these are the true signs he loves you deeply.

Signs of True Love from a Man #11: He tries to give more than he takes.

What is true love? Indeed true love is all about giving and contributing to your companion’s life. When he loves you, he tries to give you all he can in all the best ways he can. He will care for you, admire you, respect you, listen to you, and love you. He will take pains to kick some loads off your shoulders when on earth he can. Conjure up that love and relationships are not about give and take, they are about give, give and give.

Signs of True Love from a Man #12: He joyously introduces you to his family and friends.

He does not want your love or relationship to be a top-secret. Besides, he considers you to be an accomplishment he wants to brag about to his friends and family. One of the true signs he loves you deeply is that he lets you into his world. He has no fears introducing you to his family and closest friends. In addition to being gratified of having you as his partner, it is also a sign that his intentions are pure.

When he loves you, he wants you to be acknowledged into his circle and become a huge part of his life.  And if that doesn’t express “true love” as loud as loud it can be, then nothing would ever do. It takes infinite commitment for any man to take his lady to meet his family. So if he does that, understand that he completely trusts you and wishes to go all the way with you.

In fact, the phase of “meeting the family” gently speaks “our love is everlasting” and “I am not here to play with your heart”. It is one of the true signs he loves you deeply.

So ladies, did you smile reading any of these 12 signs of true love from a man? Well, if yes, then that means you are the lucky one. 

You know how it is, right? That’s because you will know when a man really loves and cares about you. One of the true signs he loves you deeply is that he puts in the effort and backs his words up with consistent actions.

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