Business Networking Tips and Techniques for Introverts

Business networking tips and techniques?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Love it or hate it, networking is a big deal!

Learning business networking tips and techniques may perhaps not be all that exciting. In fact, it can be downright mind-numbing at times – or distressing if you don’t like meeting absolute strangers at business events (somewhat like me). Yes! I dread walking into a room while familiarizing myself to a group of strangers.

But then, unfortunately:

“It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.”

The wise saying is particularly true in the modern and competitive business world, where learning business networking tips and techniques and building strong relationships can create a direct influence on your business growth.

Just give it a thought!

Else how do you expect to come across new people who can support your business by directing you in the appropriate direction or by providing some mentorship at least?

Well that means you have to network, network and network, no matter you like it or not.

You’ll find quite a lot of brilliant reasons to learn business networking tips and techniques:

  • To grow your customer base
  • To discover a better job
  • To find some better employees
  • To build your business partnerships

Without a doubt, the more people you meet, the more significant your network and better the probabilities of discovering the best clients, associates, employers or workers. At least that’s what the theory yells.

But again, how can you go about constructing an active network?

Well, the good news is that anybody can do this work with practice, patience, tolerance, determination and by learning some useful tips for networking.

To be sure, network-building is simply relationship-building, and some are naturals at it. But for few of us, to be precise, introverts (like me) networking may feel like the same old first day of school. Yes! For me, it feels like that… “Just smile and introduce yourself!”

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I really can shine in personalized discussions, but when it comes to selling myself to absolute strangers with an irritable “elevator pitch,” I’m miserable. For me, meeting strangers and welcoming people I hardly know can be nerve-wracking and even – chilling. Walking into a crowd of strangers, and familiarizing myself by extending my hand sounds to be intimidating to me.

But then again, in today’s fast-paced, ever-renovating, worldwide economy, growing your career and finding a job is as much about whom you know as about what you know. That’s when some fantastic tips for networking offer a helping hand.

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The Secret to Successful Business Networking Tips and Techniques: Networking is a Two-Way Street

Interested in knowing the essential secret about successful business networking tips and techniques?

Well, pin down that Business Networking is a two-way street.

Yes! The most effective and successful business networking tips and techniques are not just about YOU or what your connection can do for you.

Useful business networking tips and techniques are about what you can do for your business connections.

Turn out to be the person others go to when they want something. That may perhaps mean proposing somebody for a job, or putting them in touch with an associate. At the bottom, it feels great to give, give, and give, in place of being the ‘poor networker.’ Isn’t it?

And, you must believe that, in one way or another, sooner or later, perhaps in the most surprising, unpredictable way, what goes around comes around. It never misses the mark. (And in the business world, that’s when the real magic happens).

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Business networking tips and techniques for you

So let us reach out to what it takes to turn into a magnet that invites people and resources, so long as you invest the time and effort needed to cultivate a secure network of associates.  Here’s what it takes to rush into business networking events with panache and skill. With these beautiful business networking tips and techniques, you can become a NETWORKING PRO, no matter where you fall on the gamut. Indeed, these tips for networking are worth it for your business and for the opportunity to give and receive support.

Tips for networking #1: Develop relationships.

Strike a note that networking is not about marketing you, but instead building relationships that may lead to deals or recommendations. The central idea behind networking is to know people and let them know you. It is about learning what your networking partner does; how they do it and methods, you can assist them in their undertakings. Networking, indeed, is about developing belief and paying it forward.

Every so often, people approach networking with the faith of making a deal or getting a customer after a single appointment. But that’s not how it works.

People do business with persons they recognize and trust, and it takes time to develop that understanding and faith. So, learn the tips for networking without any hope of getting new clients. In its place, go with the impression of meeting new people or socializing with those you’ve gotten to know by now. And take your time to let discussions marinate over buzz before you dump into substantive and weighty subjects.

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Tips for networking #2: Smile 🙂 – It’s often ignored – yet an effective networking strategy.

By smiling, you’ll put your worried self at comfort. Over and above, you’ll come across as a sincere and welcoming individual.  Smile before you move in the room, or before you begin your next discussion. That way, you’ll be acknowledged as an influential resource for others. And when you are recognized as a prominent resource, people turn to you for proposals, ideas, recommendations, and the rest.

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Tips for networking #3: Get social

Don’t think of networking just as a blunt conference or meeting. Some of the most exceptional connections I’ve made in the business are persons I’ve never come across, who are located in different time zones and at times, speak a different language as well. There is an excess of online networks you can get the most out of. LinkedIn has loads of business groups where other individuals in your segment share information and advice.  Moreover, you’ll find quite a lot of Facebook groups and Twitter chats for persons sharing the same wavelength.  On this spot, people are genuinely glad and enthusiastic to provide information and guidance to others.

Over and above, webinars are becoming common to a certain extent. Not only are they prospects to acquire more information about your industry, but they offer available business connections in easy reach as well. In point of fact, the best tips for networking are nothing but your experience and common sense. Just discover a community you like – be it a Facebook forum or going to your business’ drinks get-together. What’s important is that you intend how you wish the experience to work for you ahead of time.

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Tips for networking #4: Listen, listen and listen…

Listening is one of the most appreciated, yet usually ignored, tips for networking. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry loves to talk about them and like when you pay an open concern in what they say. So, listening to people would help you to learn about peoples’ problems and get to know them well. It may perhaps lead to more useful business relationships and eventually, to more profit in the long run.

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You can use “what’s your story” to break the ice and offer other people the time to share their story with you (of course, every man jack has a story.) Keep considering: ‘What can I offer this person?’ at all times. Discover points of shared aims that you can bring into the discussion. Ask flexible questions, be sincerely interested, and express inquisitiveness and desire for knowledge.

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Tips for networking #5: Don’t ‘just connect.’

Yes! Don’t ‘just connect’ and run away! Develop solid and relevant relationships using important business networking tips and techniques. Don’t hope for sudden miracles from tips for networking. It takes time for individuals to build trust in you and you need to invest a lot of time and effort to develop such relations. Try connecting with people on a level that’s more than professional using productive business networking tips and techniques. As human beings, we connect through shared interests all the time. Oh, I don’t mean to say that you need to be BFFs – but you must share a believable and convincing bond at least.

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Tips for networking #6: Follow up and follow through.

Networking is a never-ending process, not a one-off episode. So, take your time to build relationships with persons who interest you. Take the initiative and invite somebody for a one-to-one consultation so you can get to know them. If you manage to create a functional association with somebody, at a business event, you can always send a note to them saying how much you liked meeting them. Nail down that most businesspersons and consultants are looking for contacts. So, be bold and shoot ahead into their world. However, do not add them to your e-mail list without their consent.

Besides, don’t hesitate to restate your intent to help in any way you can. If you assured somebody to introduce him/her to somebody you know, take the time to do it. They would make that from there and get their work done – so, just be glad to the channel. Little things like these may perhaps mean a lot to somebody, and only a single introduction can end up transforming somebody’s life for the better. So, keep going with confidence.

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Tips for networking #7: Build a reputation by sharing your expertise and know-how.

In a professional situation, people have a preference for establishing business relationships with individuals they see as being advisable. By creating a reputation as somebody who is brilliant, supportive, and valuable, managers will be more interested in meeting you or being in touch with you. Let them know what you’re achieving and learning through communication, chats, and discussions. Share your expertise and promote your work, proficiency, and accomplishments. Be a versatile connector and a leader.

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Tips for networking #8: Ditch the sales pitch.

Summon up that business networking tips and techniques is all about building trustworthy relationships. So, keep your conversation exciting, crisp, light and easy-going. You don’t need to do the cold call straight off on meeting the person. One of the best and easiest tips for networking is to get the discussion started and going. Nail down that people are more inclined towards doing business with those whose company they love.

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Tips for networking #9: Never lay off anybody as unimportant.

One of the best business networking tips and techniques is that you should make it your purpose to discover the worth in every person you talk to. Ask questions and listen to them with the thirst for knowledge. Don’t make the blunder of ignoring people due to their designations. Somebody you meet may “just” be an office worker, but they may perhaps have valued contacts or information you’d never learn about if you’d let them go.

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Tips for networking #10: Think Long-Term.

Remember, networks may open doors, but relationships would close deals for sure. Business networking tips and techniques are not merely about connecting on LinkedIn or swapping your business cards. Instead, it is most treasured when on-going, mutually favorable relationships are molded. And such relationships take time to develop. So be persistent and try to be in touch with people you want to meet. Go where these persons hang out — online or offline. Intermingle with them and develop an enduring bond. Share useful content and spark evident conversations.

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Believe in the power of these business networking tips and techniques.

As a final point, it’s worth learning that nobody would ever care about your development and growth as much as you. It is up to you to take the accountability for your route. If you want somebody to be part of your network, dredge up that it is YOU who can make that happen. Follow these business networking tips and techniques, and watch your network grow.

Networking is not just about a simple meet and greet – it’s that one hope to REMEET!!

Nail down that tips for networking become useful only when there’s an understanding that one and all in the room have the same value. In its purest form, it’s about people relishing others’ company, discussing their passions and relating with those who share the same desires. It’s about hanging on, pinning your ears back, sorting out what others need and relating them to persons you think can help, without any yearnings for personal achievement. When you accept that the real value of networking lies in assisting and supporting others and you do your share, you’ll soon observe the magic happening all over the place. The splendor of this method is that you never know when that mesmerizing magic may cast its spell on you.

So now, party on and use these business networking tips and techniques to develop the relationships that would help you down the road.

Happy networking!


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