Top-Secret Guide on How to Be Happy In Life

I just want to be happy with my life!! Do you? So, how to be happy in life? How to be happy with yourself? How to feel happy? We are answering all your questions here!


Living a happy life has been the muse of writers, artists, poets and musicians all over the history, isn’t it?

I want to be happy. Do you?

So, what is this sentiment that we all lust for all the time? Is it just a feeling? Or is it an emotion? Is “living a happy life” a myth? Or are there some ways to be happy?

Living a happy life is not a simple objective to attain. Instead, happiness is to be happy with what you have and making constant growth. For ages, we have been struggling to follow joy; to experience pleasure for living a happy life.

So, how to be happy in life always?

Well, to be happy, you need to persistently find fulfillment, pleasure, ecstasy, and a feeling that your life is blissful through all types of problems. But does it ever happen?

At the moment, we are living in a world where we have ignored the art of relishing the journey. And even though the immediate satisfaction and convenience in the present day is CONVENIENT, it gets us descending the slope of endless displeasure.

Just think about it, we never have sufficient things in our life!

Not sufficient money.

Not sufficient time.

Not sufficient assets.

Not sufficient “likes” on Facebook.

You just don’t want to be happy with what you have. Ain’t that true for you? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

How to be happy in life – Choose to be happy the smart way!

First of all, you need to understand that living a happy life is just the ability not to want more. In fact, the best ways to be happy are to find thankfulness and contentment at the moment you are living. For the most part, living a happy life depends on living in the moment as an alternative of desiring for the forthcoming pointers of success.

I want to be happy. And it’s not just me. In fact, each one of us wants to be satisfied. So, how to feel happy all the time?

Well, here’s the best guide on how to feel happy by living in the moment.

So, check out these ways to feel happy and living a happy life would no more be a big deal!

Don t worry, be happy! 🙂 🙂

How to be happy in life #1: Smile, please 🙂

Do you know what I do whenever I want to be happy? Well, I smile! 🙂

Yes, one of the best ways to be happy is to smile with passion. Start your pleasant day with a jovial smile on your face. Begin your day with a delightful ‘Good Morning’ beam! Say “It’s going to be a jolly and happy day!” to yourself and every man jack around. Do you know that the playfulness in your happy face muscles ask your mind to make you appear more peaceful and socially smart?

So smile, smile and smile! 🙂

How to be happy in life #2: Learn to forgive.

Do you know that forgiveness has the power to heal hearts? The art of forgiveness lets you create a space for the love. It enables you to get back to your real and genuine Self, thus, giving you the consent to re-bond with each other at an abysmal level.

People forgive one another, not for they are frail, innocent, or weak, but for they are tough enough to understand a simple fact. The fact is that the more you try to hold on your grudges and bitterness, the more you are going to poison your brain, heart, time and life.

So choose to be happy! Let your rage, resentment, disgust or bitterness go off. Let the power of love rule your thoughts, heart, and life.

How to be happy in life #3: Transform your thoughts.

By and large, people have a natural inclination to dis-remember positive experiences but recall undesirable ones. However, you can change the way your brain works, thanks to neuroplasticity. So now, you can train yourself to feel more contented by looking for self-actualizing work along with your type of excitement.

I’ll tell you how to choose to be happy this way.

  • First of all, fill your brain with optimistic views and beliefs, energetically struggling, pursuing and working on objectives. This way, you’d be able to whine a tune, for joyful effects on your brain, heart, and body and feel happy, in due course.
  • Concentrate on the present moment without judging anything to grow into a more considerate and compassionate self.
  • Transform the little events of life into valued “experiences.” Reserve the overwhelming moments of your life in a snap or a short video.

These delightful little ways to be happy will train your mind to be better-off by dynamically recognizing the splendor of small moments. So, turning your little moments into unforgettable “experiences” is the key to living a happy life.

How to be happy in life #4: Be happy with what you have — No complaints!

You know what? I used to grumble A LOTTTT… about every single thing in my life. I was so busy pointing out the flaws in my life that I couldn’t even figure out the good things that were going entirely well.

But guess what! My crabby attitude simply ruined every single day of my life. The more and more I complained, the more unfortunate I turned out to be. But as I told you, I want to be happy. So, well along, as I gave up the habit of complaining about more than a few things, I began to concentrate on the little things that made me feel better. So be happy with what you have and living a happy life won’t ever be a big deal.

How to be happy in life #5: Learn how to be happy with yourself.

Choose to be happy by learning how to be happy with yourself. For being happy with yourself, you need to embrace your ways to be happy, your character, the way you look — the whole enchilada that makes you what you are. Dredge up that you’re a distinctive personality who has a lot of worth and deserves love as well as respect. Learning to be happy with yourself will support you in projecting self-confidence to others and living a happy life.

Stop making an apology for your individualities, your behaviours, your mannerisms, or qualities. If there are specific characters you wish to change, do it for you and not for somebody else. Make your choices based on your morals and ethics, not what people have stated you “must” do. Learn how to be happy with yourself and be happy with what you have.

How to be happy in life #6: Eat Restfully

Make your meals an hour-long stretched out issue. Your mealtime, in fact, is a moment when you choose to be happy, enjoy hassle-free chats while you share some exciting stories from your day on the table.  Likewise, do you know that making healthy choices about your food regime can make you feel warm, better and stronger? So, pick a well-balanced diet to feel happy at all times.

Get on your platter a blend of low-sugar liquids as well as some high-fibre items. Always take a good care of what food you’re consuming. That means check out the texture, flavour, and taste of the bites you have. Eat carefully and freely. Don’t keep checking your phone notifications or TV screens while eating.

How to be happy in life #7: Break a sweat!

It’s one of the most flexible ways to be happy. Go for a regular workout session. No matter if it’s a brisk walking session, a jogging session, a spa weekend or a dancing retreat. So warm up, slow down and cool out on a regular basis.

Workout supports in releasing four brain chemicals:

  • Adrenaline
  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • BDNF

These hormones create an exhilaration flow through you as you work out. Exercise may help you to ease off, grow your brain power as well as boost your happiness; no matter if you lose or don’t lose any weight.

How to be happy in life #8: Don’t equate yourself to people around you.

At the moment, comparison and judgment are all over the place, thanks to the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter-styled lifestyle. It is easy to feel as if you are the only person in the world who is hopeless, while the whole world has its ways to be happy. Well, trust me! You are just not alone!

The reality is that, at the moment, individuals capture the things in the life as they want people to remember. No one wishes to think about their failure or the fight they had last night with their significant other. So, of course, they’re not going to picture that episode of their life and present it to the world on Facebook and Instagram.

Trust me; nobody has the luxury of a perfect life, except those flawless photo filters that create the delusion. So hang on: “THE ONLY THING YOU MUST COMPARE YOURSELF TO IS WHAT YOU WERE YESTERDAY.”

How to be happy in life #9: Focus on individuals and relationships, not on things.

The lane to on-going bliss doesn’t lie over an iPhone or a posh car. In fact, money-oriented individuals are a lot less content with their lives than people who are less dedicated to “the worldly life. “

It’s always better to appreciate what you have and choose to be happy. Summon up that “money-oriented stuff” won’t ever bring pleasure into your life. Such materialistic ways to be happy may further grow your chances of feeling depressed or terrible.

But don’t get me wrong! Of course, every person needs an adequate amount of money to meet their primary requirements including food, shelter, and clothing. If you’re poor, you are far more probable to experience blues and obstruction than those who are economically sound.

But as soon as you make adequate money to support your primary needs, your bliss is not influenced by how much you earn, but by your positivity and hopefulness.

How to be happy in life #10: Stay close to your family and friends.

I want to be happy, but the problem is that I’m living in a mobile society. In this day and age, people follow their careers all over the state, nation and at times, across the globe.  People do it as they think that a better income may make them feel happy in life. However, the truth is that it’s our relations with family and friends that have a superior influence on living a happy life.

So the next time you think about changing your place, think about your ways to be happy! Can a high salary increase ever pay off for the loss you’d face by moving away from your family and friends? Would you choose to be happy or to be rich?

All right! Even if it isn’t possible to live with your precious ones, you can still try to connect with them on a regular basis. At present, cell phones and technology makes it way too cool to stay in touch with your loved ones, no matter on what corner of the world you are.

How to be happy in life #11: Get your mind into the present.

I know that it’s easier said than done. Getting your mind back to the present-day can seem intimidating at times. Let’s admit it—it won’t be stress-free to disengage from a routine you’ve had for years.

So let us begin with the primary ways to be happy at this moment. Every time you see that your mind is moving toward future-oriented views or feelings, stop following that sequence of considerations. In its place, push your account back into the present-day.

To feel happy, try to re-orient your thoughts entirely on what is happening in front of you. Application of this routine is not easy at the start. Like any other activity, it may take a lot of time as well as training. However, just like regular workout, you can toughen your skill to stay in the present by performing this exercise again and again.

How to be happy in life #12: Read some good books on happiness and positivity.

There are a lot of books on finding happiness within yourself out there. So, pick them up and leave your home for the next-door coffee shop to find yourself a relaxing chair.

Here are the three happiness books bestsellers I’d surely recommend:

But yes, before you dive into any of these happiness books bestsellers, please turn off your phone’s internet.  Don’t just keep pulling your phone out with every notification alert to check it out. As it won’t do anything to make you feel happy but get you stressing out!

Living a happy life – Mystery explored!

Here’s all you need to know to feel happy!!

Keep smiling, have a lotttt… of fun, feel happy, be happy with what you have and let those undesirable feelings and experiences roll your backs forever. Remember, it’s you who can choose to be a happy person and live a happy life. So, learn to be the in charge of your life, learn how to be happy in life. No matter what the conditions are, ultimately, it’s you who’s going to choose to be happy. So, the choice is yours!

Remember, living a happy life is not a thing that hinges on others’ lives or things. You may or may not be moved by somebody, but happiness comes from within you. It’s YOU who’s going to be the in charge of your happiness! So, learn how to be happy in life and change your viewpoint on life.

So, don t worry, be happy! 🙂

I just want to be happy with my life! Do you? What’s your take on how to be happy in life? Share your super-secret ways to feel happy and help someone in living a happy life. Cheers! 🙂

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