What Does Love Mean To You? You Are Defining It the Wrong Way

What does love mean to you? How do you define love?

“The L – word” – something that every single girl dreams of and every single man fears, right? At the moment, we’re bombed with romantic movies, novels, and videos that provide us a made-up portrait of what it means to love.

If you consider those characteristics of true love, then love would be an exhilarating feeling that strikes when two people gaze into each other’s eyes and they feel the intense feeling of “love.”

But is that LOVE?

In all conscience, love is the most dominant feeling a person can experience. However, the weird thing is that just about NOBODY knows what love really is.

The term “love” is often used and abused for the communication of different frames of mind.

At times, this term is used as an expression of fondness towards somebody else (I love you). And at times it enunciates inclination (I love to dance). Now let us make it a bit denser. The term “love” expresses a human feature that is based on care, adoration, affection, and compassion. It is a state of life that has nothing to do, with something or somebody outside you. Love is the purest form of attachment.

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What does love mean to you?

Our whole life is hemmed in love and cordoned off by fairy-tales, but love is still the hardest word to describe. Is love an illusion? Or is it a fallacy? Is it meant to last forever? Or is it momentary? Well, I’d rather say don’t ever let the term LOVE describe your love.

So, what does love mean to you?

What does love mean has always been debated by logicians, writers, and researchers all through the centuries. And still, it is one of the most complicated emotions to elucidate.

The composer’s love song may perhaps be amazing and the urge to love may be powerful, but the genuine beauty of love is how it transforms lives.

With love being so thoroughly attached to pleasure, absolution, and desire, it’s important for each of us to describe love as a series of actions we can implement to bring us nearer to the persons we value. So, let us have a better conception of ‘love’ – right here.

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What is “love definition?”

So, what is love all about?

Perhaps love is the most powerful feeling, driving moms to be the ‘staggering super humans’ who can go all the way to save their kids. It is an emotion that makes youngsters rebel all reason and judgment just to be together.

But what is “love definition?” Well here’s what does love mean to me.

When you concentrate on somebody else’s happiness, not just your own, you are in love. You know it is true love when two hearts feel inclined to give and receive each other.  Being in love is about getting attached to another individual passionately, being thoughtful of their happiness as if it was your own. Desirability, sexual connection, attraction, and the feeling of being in love rush in cycles and are essentially a function of how open your mind and soul is and how to open your companion’s heart is.

“When you love somebody their destiny becomes entwined with yours. You may feel down when they are depressed, get annoyed when they are upset, and rejoice with their accomplishments.”

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What does love mean #1: It is a feeling of desirability.

Yes, love begins with desirability, that unspeakable sensation in the depth of your stomach that makes you want to be with somebody. However, if the desirability is only physical in nature, it is LUST – not love.

Nevertheless, you know it is true love when you sincerely adore the other person’s company. You know it is true love when you miss them when they are not around. When you’re in love, you think about them – time and again and look forward to your following meeting.

You may perhaps be madly different in more than a few ways, but you share core ideals, ethics, beliefs, and principles about the world that make you companionable and compatible.

One more essential constituent of the feeling associated with love is free will and lack of restrictions. You take pride in each other’s endeavours and are not threatened by each other’s achievements. Neither of you is envious or insecure. You have trust in your affection and its power to see you through the hard times, and you feel assured and endowed rather than weak, frail and scared.

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What does love mean #2: Love is a choice to act lovingly.

No matter how companionable and like-minded you are, you and your mate will have moments of trouble. Financial problems, work issues, parenting concerns, and quite a lot of other difficulties will test your love over and over again. However, call up that love is a choice to act affectionately. Nail down that loving somebody means making the hard choice to act in a loving way, even when you are worn-out and drowsy. Making each other’s needs the main concern and working together to achieve mutual objectives are marks of true love, particularly when the going gets tough.

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What does love mean #3: Love is an attachment.

Attachment grows over time. Your love is an intoxicating blend of attraction, pleasure, and excitement about new promises, mingled with more than a little awkwardness and unease. You must sail across new waters; discuss your situations, and gauge how to carry on together.

And as soon as you survive the initial phases and become absolutely comfortable with one another can the attachment stage begin. When started, though, it is the stage that can last for life.

When you are attached, you turn out to be at ease with each other. You understand each other’s ways, routines, lifestyles, and behaviours. Well along, you will find a way to live peacefully with the things that make you feel uncomfortable as well.

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What does love mean #4: Love is contrasted with lust.

Particularly in the primary phases of a relationship, it can be hard to express the difference between love and lust. Both are linked with physical attraction and a hallucinogenic rush of feel-good hormones, combined with an irresistible yearning to be closer to one another, but only love lasts for a lifetime.

Love is something that grows between two persons and nurtures over time while understanding your beau and going through life’s ebbs and flows together. It takes account of time, commitment, mutual faith, trust, and acceptance.

On the contrary, lust is a sex-driven feeling that draws persons towards each other in the beginning and is fired by the impulse to enjoy sensual experiences. Categorized by sex hormones as well as a dreamy obsession, lust hazes our ability to see an individual for who they really are and as a result, it may or may not prevail into a lasting relationship.

Despite that, an idyllic intimate relationship picture consists of a sensible blend of love and lust. Yes, lusting after somebody is characteristically a significant phase of a lasting relationship. Thus, lust is often used to reignite the initial spark between the committed couples.

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What does love mean #5: Love is not an obligation.

Not all love stories last forever. At times, love disappears naturally.  At times, life moves you away from each other or your interests drift away bit by bit and in due course, you fall out of love. The spark cannot stay buzzing all the time, and though it pains to break off a warm relationship, at times it is for the best.

Strike a note that you must not feel obligated to spend time together. After all, love is not an obligation. You must want to gladly spend free time with somebody you love, and if you don’t, you must inspect why things are not the same at this moment. Do you simply need some time on your own, or is there a graver problem in your relationship?

One and all have whiles when they desire to be alone, but that is poles apart from repetitively ignoring or overlooking the time with somebody you love. You must never feel drained or down after spending time together.

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In a nutshell, what does love mean to you?

Does the question – “what does love mean to you?” cause you to contemplate? Well, let us address the question – “What is love?”

If you would understand how to make out what is love, you will learn how to identify your love for another person. So here you go!

When you are in love, you have a tendency to feel it naturally in your greedy guts. But how does the whole thing work? Is there a weird sensitivity in the heart that is able to reclaim the feelings in the heart?

If you believe me, it’s truly not that otherworldly or weird. On the other hand, it’s somewhat practical and hands-on. Our emotions take clues from our minds and sanities. The whole thing we see, listen to, taste, touch or smell explains us about our world.

We don’t need to ask questions or expect or plan anything. Our body organs bang to our intellects and our mind understand the information and drive the report to our hearts. So, if we see an affectionate smile, hear caring words, or feel a tender touch, the mind process that data and rounds off, “Yes, that’s love; that ‘someone’ loves me!”

To sum things up, when we are in love or are loved, there is noticeable evidence. It’s not an immaterial sensation or feeling, it’s tangible and proven.

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