How to Understand Women? Understanding Women Couldn’t be Easier

How to understand women?

What women really want?

Why is understanding women’s psychology so hard?


Women, women, women… women everywhere!

Women indeed don’t make much sense to males, right?

They are the caregivers, keepers and the reason why the human beings continue to persist. They may or may not be complicated creatures, but they are sensible individuals for sure! Women are the amazing souls who are blessed with the gift to give themselves solely to their mates and families.

While men and women are worthy of being treated in the same way, the point is that there are few cultural variances between the two sexual categories.

So, how to understand women?

As a rule, men’s psychology about women is far different from women’s psychology about men.

Still and all, in my opinion, women were, are and will always be easier to understand than men. Don’t you believe me?

Well, do you know that most of the men make the mistake of assuming things by what they see, realize and understand? That’s where you go off beam, guys!

A woman’s look can be utterly clashing to what she inexorably is inside. Women love to dress the way they think brings out the flawlessness in them, no matter what they feel within.

You could make every effort to find a book on understanding women!

But you know what? There’s no book about understanding women that would tell you what women really want or how to understand women.

Do you know why? That’s because, women, in reality, are reasonable and predictable. You just need to understand how their minds work and you’ll understand what women really want. Allow me to explain…


How to understand women? Let’s unravel the enigmatic mystery of understanding women!

Yes, in this article we are going to get to the bottom of all the perplexing page-turners of understanding women!

Do you know where you go wide of the mark? Well, the real problem is your belief about women’s psychology.

You think that that woman feels the same way as you do. And that’s the wrong way round. The problem is that you don’t understand what women really want.

So, how to understand women?

Guys, women have their ways of dealing with their feelings and relationships.

So, before jumping into how to understand women right away, let us first get into the details of what women really want.

What women really want?

How to understand women body language and women’s psychology? How to understand women’s emotions?

What do women want from men?

Or should I say what do women want in men?

The answer to these questions hinges on an attributed fact!

The fact is that as humans, we are a sum of our activities, opinions, and beliefs.

So, before understanding women, you need to know what women really want. Read on to play around with the figures of understanding women on an emotional and physical level.

As soon as you concede to these points, understanding women won’t feel like a stretch!

What women want #1: Women want you to understand their social pressures.

Women are socialized to be submissive, well-mannered, quiet, dutiful, and to be “good girls” all the time. While a female might be defiant against some of those social burdens and problems, they often have to face certain societal consequences (like being named as a “repulsive feminist“) on protesting too hard. We want you to understand that we experience additional hardship and suffering for being what we want to be.

What women want #2: Women want to feel attached.

Do you know how to understand a woman in a relationship? Well, acknowledge that women want to feel attached in a relationship. Yes, we want to make sure that the love bond is on solid ground.  We want you to create that intimacy, and everything after that will flow without obstruction.

What women want #3: Women want men to care for them.

So, here we admit it! We had an inner longing to be interested and cared for.  What women want in a man? Nothing much! She just wants you to help her along with her physical and emotional desires. The objective of a relationship has to be attachment and friendship – we want love, affection and we want to be pleased. That’s all!

What women want #4: A woman is more scared of rejections than you are.

I know that it SUCKS!!! I know how terrible it is to lay all of that threat on the table while approaching a lady. But, trust me, gentleman! A woman desires to be desired! After all, almost every single social norm tells her that she is to be chased. So tell me – Do you want her to make that awkward first move? Well, there’s nothing wrong with it, but probabilities are that she won’t!

What women want #5: A woman desires to be desired.

By and large, women feel as if they want to be wanted by a guy. This deep-rooted desire pushes us to take tremendous care of ourselves. We like our men wishing for us so that they don’t feel the need to go somewhere else.

So now you know why women work so damn hard to be charming, look stunning and smell perfect all the time, right? Well, it’s just a way to stay on the top of the game!

What women want #6: A woman needs LOVE!

A woman needs to be understood and conversed in a very affectionate way, as she has a lotttt… of LOVE sincerely grained in her heart. What women want to hear are the words full of love and affection!

Dredge up; women are emotionally and sensitively grounded. That is what makes mothers the mommies that they are. That’s why women are the keepers of the race.

What women want #7: Women are a lot more expressive and can be easy-to-read.

In point of fact, women are significantly more expressive than guys. We live in a life of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Women are extra skilful than grown-up guys when it’s about understanding the needs of other individuals.

What women want #8: No matter what you say; what matters is what she feels.

A woman’s goodness to herself is matchless, as her self-worth is engrained where it has to be, within herself. You may perhaps call her gorgeous or sexy or beautiful daily, but if she doesn’t feel it, your words won’t ever get through her heart. In its place, you must make her feel beautiful and sexy. In fact, by and large, what you don’t speak matters more than what you do. “Actions speak louder than words.” Remember?

What women want #9: You might work on judgment, but she works on feelings.

Well, with this I don’t mean that women are irrational. In reality, their judgments and ideas are better expressed than male fellows. The point is that a woman’s feelings impact her actions more than gentlemen would. As a man, the world teaches you to keep your emotional state hidden, right? But we are different! We are a lot more in touch with our emotions than you are.

Now, let us talk about — How to understand women?

Yes, how to understand women? Now, when you know what women really want, it would be easier for you to see the world from a female perspective.  But summon up that you may find the women’s psychology somewhat overpowering.

So now that you know what women really want, here’s how to understand women. Read on all the way to the end to become familiar with the women’s psychology. By following the hardships that women face, you might gain a deep understanding of a woman’s mind and soul.

Hey, don’t worry! Women don’t expect much from you. These tiny strides cited below are all that matters to understand the psychology of women!

Understanding women #1: Accept that women look for security – financial or physical!

Well, don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you need to be a billionaire to understand a woman. Not all ladies look for that! All being well, you’ll end up finding a woman for you who respects the individualities needed for turning you into a billionaire and not just the money.

Without a doubt, the right woman will love you for what you are, but she would expect you to make her feel safe and secure.

A woman wants to feel that you will care for her and look after her from physical harm. She wants to realize that you’ll keep her safe and sound, happy and comfortable.  And that doesn’t mean that she needs you to keep her safe or earn for her. But she would like that you’re capable of doing it.

Understanding women #2: What women really want is that she is the only woman you look for.

No matter if you are a man or a woman; we all have high self-esteem and a sense of self… Don’t we?

Each one of us wants to feel special, right?

So there’s nothing wrong with the women’s psychology of searching for a man who sees the world in her, right?

Believe me; we very well know that we are not the most beautiful woman on the planet. But we don’t need to be either, right?   After all, we are not delusional.

Do you know what women want to hear?

We only want you to own up that we are the most beautiful woman in the world (for you at least). We want you to feel that we are the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Are we asking for a lot?

Understanding women #3: We want you to get out of your comfort zone.

Wondering how to understand women? Do you know what women want from you is to be all set to wear your heart on your sleeve? We want you to open up and not keep all your emotions bottled up deep in your heart.

So, try to open your heart to her and discuss any of your life-changing experiences or secrets and let your guard down.

As you carry on sharing your deepest feelings and secrets with her, you will realize that your relationship is budding greatly. For the most part, you will comprehend that, for ladies, sharing feelings and passions is an integral part of a bond.

Understanding women #4: Listen to what she says.

Yes, take a moment, try to stay silent and listen to what she says.

I know, I know that you, most likely, have trained yourself to appear as if you’re listening when even when your mind is in another place. Isn’t it?

Well, I’d advise you to stop such rude behaviour and show her some respect by giving her your entire attention.

Is she asking for much? Oh come on, she just wants you to listen to her.  Yes, just hearing attentively is sufficient, and doing so will be cordially valued.

Understanding women #5: Know her – inside and out.

What women really want is that you know her – inside and out.

Why? That’s because she wants you to love her for what she is. And it’s a bit more than just that.

Let me explain!

Now and then, she needs confirmation that she deserves to be loved.  Having somebody appreciate you is having somebody thoroughly know you for what you are. There’s no misunderstanding; there’s no misinterpretation or misapprehension.

So, try to understand her feelings, hear her thoughtfully, ask questions, and use your mind. It is going to be of distinctive significance as there’s a vast difference between how women and men feel and read between the lines.

Understanding women #6: Ask her questions!

How to understand women body language? How to understand women’s emotions?

Understanding women’s emotions are not possible without you asking those questions.

Ask them — why, what, when, how?

Start asking, and you’ll discover that you are learning way more about the psychology of women than ever. But remember that asking questions needs to be simple, done with self-assurance, and with a concentration on understanding women.

Try this, and you’ll find her pouring her heart out and notifying you the whole shebang about what she feels.

Understanding women #7: Recognize the fact that women are not men.

Men and women are entirely different living beings — socially, physically and in the main. Don’t try to intermingle with her as if she’s a man in a woman’s attire.

It would never work and this way, you’ll not understand how to understand women.

Men and women think differently. It’s just the way it is.

They process information differently. And that doesn’t mean that any of them is unwise.

It’s just that each gender sees the world differently. That’s something you need to accept, mainly if you are interested in understanding women.

How to understand women is no more a secret!

Well, that’s all what women really want! That’s all how to understand women!

Women want nothing more than a man who understands them at such a sumptuous level that they feel he has grown into the part of their own life.

What women really want is just what you wish for: to bond, to grow and to live a meaningful life together.

A portion of the man melts down into the woman while a slice of the woman fuses into the man. That’s how the life goes on…

How to understand women? What’s your opinion on women’s psychology and what women really want? Share your valuable views with us! And yes, don’t forget to give it a THUMBS UP and share the exposed mystery with your friends!

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