How to Lose Body Fat Quickly – In 15 Easy-Breezy Steps

No matter if your objective is to get into shape or to look your best, how to lose body fat is one of the biggest questions to consider. So, here’s all you need to know about – how to lose body fat quickly.

Achieving that flawless six-pack can be challenging, but it’s not a myth. Believe it or not, it’s right there – just beating below your belly fat. And understanding the difference between the half-truth and what actually works would help you get there.

So, to begin with, nail down that losing body fat can be harder than you think. And unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or special diets that can help you get there. However, if you commit to eating well while working out on a regular basis, you can certainly burn fat and feel oh-so-great about your body. And I’m sure that all the way through, you would be proud of your pledge to stay healthy.

So how do you get there?

How to lose body fat quickly?

Of course, eating healthily and working out on a regular basis need to be your principal steps. But correspondingly, each of the little changes in lifestyle will help you make the difference. So, for all the fitness savvy out there, we are sharing some easy breezy steps that would not just help you melt body fat but would help you tone and tighten as well – without struggling.

Want to know how to lose body fat quickly? Well, just scroll below for 15 of the best tips so you can take the right ways and means – no matter where you stand in your weight loss journey. Some of these ways would be more effective for somebody who’s just starting out. And some of them—like drinking loads of water—are essential for any person who wants to lose body fat.

So, here you go!

How to lose body fat quickly #1: Limit your carbs.

Without a doubt, the most important way to lose extra body fat rather quickly is by controlling your total carb consumption.

In essence, you can follow more than a few types of diets to shed body fat:

  • Low-calorie
  • Low-fat
  • Low-carb

However, controlling carbs can help you lose extra fat far more commendably than low-calorie or low-fat diets.

For the most part, try to limit carbs from the grain group. The nutrients present in grains may also be found in some other food groups that would let you meet your nutrient needs at the same time. Besides, limit the starchy veggies, greens, and fruits that are high in sugar. Controlling these foods still lets you eat more than a few vegetables and ample portions of fruit every day.

Likewise, cut out the intake of sugar and refined carbs as that may lead to additional body fat, particularly in your midsection.  Reduce the consumption of processed foods including sweetened liquid refreshments, frozen meals, ice-cream, pies, chips, cakes, pastries or cookies as often as possible to meet your goal.

How to lose body fat quickly #2: Eat one to two helpings of protein at every single meal.

Besides following a lower carb diet, you need to eat higher amounts of protein to support your fat loss. Protein supports in building lean muscle mass as well as boosting your metabolism all through the weight loss. On top of that, it helps you stay full all the way through the day. Including one to two servings of lean protein at every single meal can help you eat acceptable amounts of it every day.

How to lose body fat quickly #3: Take a Side-step from Liquid Calories.

Liquid calories come from liquid refreshments like sugary pick-me-ups, cold drinks, cuppas, fruit juices, chocolate milk as well as energy drinks. These beverages are inappropriate for your health in more than a few ways, including a bigger possibility of obesity. Another fact to note down is that your mind does not index liquid calories the same way it does for the solid ones. Thus, you end up accumulating these calories on top of the whole thing you eat. Instead of such liquid refreshments and beverages, you can try these easy, healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss  that would help you control your cravings for sugar.

How to lose body fat quickly #4: Do not skip meals.

I won’t recommend skipping your meals – even when you’re struggling to lose body fat. It is particularly true if you’re combining your fat loss diet with the workout. If you skip meals on a regular basis, you’re at the danger of running low on nutrients all through the day. At the outset, you may perhaps notice better weight loss on skipping meals. But that weight loss may be coming from the lean muscle mass loss and not extra body fat. So, try to be systematic and consistent with your meals. Plan a meal or snack for every three to five hours or as required.

How to lose body fat quickly #5: Workout first thing in the morning

Fasted cardio or working out before breakfast is one of the finest strategies on our ‘how to lose body fat quickly’ list. The idea here is that when you drain up your glycogen stocks overnight, your body starts transforming the stored fat into fuel. Exercising first thing in the morning is also amazing as it’s easier to get it done before all other plans of the day get in your way to stay fit. This is a remarkable approach if you have a habit of procrastinating or if you get “way too busy” to work out. So give it a go and make out if it works for you.

Read what to eat before a morning workout for weight loss what to eat before a morning workout for weight loss to get the most out of your morning workout.

How to lose body fat quickly #6: Find creative ways to be more active all through the day.

You burn calories all through the day, not only when you’re working out. So, being more energetic and active all the way through your day can create a huge difference in your day-to-day calorie burn. Use these strategies to stay physically active, particularly if you have a profession that comprises of being desk-bound all day.

  • Take the stairways.

That might sound a bit apparent, but it truly does make a huge difference! So ditch the elevators or escalators and walk up the staircases.

  • Walk during the breaks.

Just get up and go anywhere, no matter if that only means leaving your office block to have your lunch.

  • Go for evening walks.

A soothing walk after dinner would help you wind down, work up, digest your food, chill out and burn a few more calories. You can read our article on how many calories do you burn walking to know more.

  • Walk, cycle, or take a public transport to work.

Driving includes less physical movement than any of these transport ways and means. Even taking the bus to your office calls for more bustle than driving, as you have to walk to the bus stop for that.

So, give these activities a shot and see how much weight can you lose in a week. 

How to lose body fat quickly #7: Do high-intensity cardio workout.

Moderate-intensity cardio has quite a lot of health benefits. But losing body fat isn’t one of those. However, when the question is how to lose body fat quickly, the high-intensity cardio workout is the most efficient technique.

How and why?

See, when the body requires energy, to start with, it goes to the dietary carbs and far along to its glycogen stores formed by eating carbs. As soon as you draw the energy delivered by glycogen, your body moves to fat, utilizing that to burn energy. Since high-intensity workout is far more challenging, your body burns through the glycogen and turns to the fat in short order. Furthermore, they keep burning your body fat even after you’re done with the physical training.

So, try the high-intensity cardio workout and notice how much weight can you lose in a month.

How to lose body fat quickly #8: Drink a gallon of water every single day.

Drinking a lot of water is the easiest and the best thing you can do to make certain you’re burning body fat as soon as possible. The whole course of burning body fat needs water to work well. So not drinking an adequate amount of water means that you won’t burn fat as powerfully as you could. Moreover, if you’re over-heavy or live in a warmer place, you may perhaps even need more. Read this article on how much water to drink for weight loss to figure out your day-to-day water needs.

How to lose body fat quickly #9: Don’t overlook weight training.

Pin down that weight training is the most effective workout for fat loss. Even though doing weight training won’t directly burn body fat, weights will shape and build your muscle.  Muscle burns body fat – 24 hours a day. Besides, when you become stronger by building muscle, you can handle extra high-quality workout – no matter if it’s cardio or gym. Strength training further supports your body to produce useful hormones that may help burn body fat.

So, the more muscle you build, the more are your likelihoods of losing body fat. Now, don’t dread getting hulking or huge as muscle is your buddy!

How to lose body fat quickly #10: HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

An advanced form of cardio, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is intended to burn body fat more rapidly. It’s hard, but pretty effective way to lose fat for individuals working out at intermediate to advanced levels. With HIIT, you alternate the episodes of high and low-intensity workouts as a substitute to working out at the same pace throughout.

For example, begin by working out at a moderate-intensity for about three minutes. Far along, shift to a high-intensity speed. You can do this by alternating between running and a moderate jog. HIIT training would help you keep your metabolism raised up for hours even after you’ve finished the workout.

How to lose body fat quickly #11: Include a 12-hour fast.

Don’t worry as the fast I’m talking about would take place while you sleep as well. Limiting your food intake to 12 hours a day may support you in losing your body fat. You must still consume your suggested day-to-day calories, but restrict yourself to eating – for a 12 hour period. That means after you have your breakfast at 9 am cut yourself off from eating anything after that. This fasting may lead to burning of fat instead of burning food.

How to lose body fat quickly #12: Drink coffee before a workout.

Caffeine fuels your nervous system and boosts the levels of epinephrine. That epinephrine becomes noticeable as an adrenaline rush that drives signals to your body to break the fat tissue down. Well along, those fatty acids become free to be used up in your blood.  However, it is far less effective when your belly is full of food. So try to keep your cup of coffee with a small snack or by itself. And call up that it is the caffeine that performs the job, not the coffee. So, if not coffee, a scrap of delicious dark chocolate wouldn’t be bad as it is loaded with caffeine and is good for you too!

How to lose body fat quickly #13: Take a break.

Your body needs to have a break, no matter if you feel like a powerhouse who just cannot rest. Your body and your muscles need some time to repair themselves, particularly when you’re lifting those weights as if it’s your job. So take your time and take it easy. I’m not asking you to sit on the sofa all day long, but let your body reconcile at least. Dwell upon that you should be doing weights back-to-back only when you work for different muscle groups each day.

How to lose body fat quickly #14: Do not give up.

Let’s face it! Trying to lose body fat can be pretty demanding. And how long does it take to lose weight  is subject to your goal at hand. It may take weeks, months or even years to see the results you desire. However, being consistent, strong-minded and denying to give up is the whole thing you need to be successful. Some days might be harder or easier than others but what’s important is to push the boat out and celebrate your successes. With that, I didn’t mean to spree on your much-loved chocolate cake! Why not delight yourself with a visit to a spa or buying a brand new pair of gym shoes? Yeah! Treat yourself with the gifts that would keep you on track towards ‘fat loss success.’

How to lose body fat quickly #15: Make a promise to yourself.

Losing body fat requires a lot of time and energy while making hard choices. There will be moments when you’ll feel depressed, when you’ll crave to have the foods you love, or when you’ll be tired of the painful workout. But strike a note that your psychological commitment is one of the most important aspects of a successful fat loss. So, consider yourself to be a strong and able individual who is grateful for his/her body’s strengths. Take good care of your body as criticizing it would simply make it harder for you to offer it the care and attention it needs to lose fat.

So, keep going and keep sweating!


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