How to Avoid Favoritism in the Workplace and Embrace Fairness?

Let us openly discuss how to avoid favoritism in the workplace!

But before that let us freely talk about favoritism in the workplace!

You must have heard of a well-known saying that infuses all through the places of work and in our routine lives. Here goes the saying:

“It is not what you know, but who you know.”

It happens! At times, a person just clicks better. But if it takes place in your office and all the great projects, approvals, raises, and promotions don’t seem to line up with your worth—it can be annoying.

Indeed, employee favoritism at work is still out there, and it’s a foul slayer of management and self-esteem. Favoritism in the workplace may not just harm your self-confidence. In fact, it may cause individuals to leave a corporation.

Do you have a workmate who experiences an exclusive dealing while the whole world is struggling away? Do you have a colleague who turns out to be “the go-to person” for all the amazing assignments? Or are you the “someone” who is always honored by the person in charge?

Of course, it’s quite natural for your boss to have somebody they like working with more than others do.  But that cannot be an explanation for extraordinary treatments or interruptions in the stable application of office responsibilities.

Let me tell you one thing very clearly. Employee favoritism in the workplace is something you cannot claim to be a misconception or just a wrong idea. It’s not all just cooking in your head; In fact, it is a well-acknowledged episode.

Now, let’s understand the signs of favoritism in the workplace.

Before understanding how to avoid favoritism in the workplace, let’s comprehend the relevant signs of favoritism.

It’s on the front burner that the pitch among employees is not going to be smooth in your place of work. And probabilities are that at some point in your career, you are going to face the obvious employee favoritism at work – no two ways about it.

So, what are the signs of favoritism in the workplace? Well, if you want to know how to avoid favoritism in the workplace, then you need to know the signs first. So, what are they?

Is favoritism in the workplace a form of discrimination? The answer is YES!!!

So, what is the definition of favoritism in the workplace?

As the word “favor” suggests, favoritism at work is offering an approval for an assignment to an individual on a preconceived notion. And that favor is not granted because the person is more capable!

You must have seen people being single out by your superior as brilliant and worthy of superior consideration. You must have seen people receiving extra bonuses and rewards you and your colleagues do not obtain for the mysterious ins and outs.

A different set of guidelines appears to apply to such “favorite” workers.  Even in the course of a tight budget, these people obtain additional incentives.

Even though you might be required to be available on weekends, these “favorite” people are often excused.

Your boss, every so often, views them as brilliant and knowledgeable people who can certainly not be wrong.

So are they actually doing an extraordinary job and working truly hard? If yes, then their standing is well-merited and reasonable, without question. And beyond doubt, that’s not “favoritism at work.”

When we talk about the signs of favoritism in the workplace, then the situation is a bit different.

In such cases, the ‘beloved workers’ are not being on pins and needles with their work. In its place, they are great at sweet-talking with your manager. They give the impression of being busy while working less and promoting them audaciously.

So, no matter if you are dying working down or sticking to the guidelines and procedures. You just won’t receive any motivation for doing that. In its place, the same “favorite work fellow” will get the promotion, will obtain additional professional development resources, and will be applauded openly.

That’s what employee favoritism in the workplace is all about!

So now, how to avoid favoritism in the workplace?

Yes, so coming to the most important question now, how to avoid favoritism in the workplace? How to deal with favoritism at work?

In an ideal world, your work setting should be impartial and unbiased where each worker should get the same treatment. Sadly, in most offices, this is not the reality.

The reality, in fact, is that employee favoritism at work takes over any other subjectivity in organizations.

It’s a tremendously delicate worker concern when it survives in the work culture and needs to be addressed and eradicated.

So, how to avoid favoritism in the workplace? How can you keep your career buzzing along while your boss shows employee favoritism and you find yourself wedged to the obstacle of the boss’s pet?

Here are more than a few ways to steer through the signs of favoritism in the workplace when you’re the victim:

1. Spell out if you’re actually a victim.

If you think that you are the ignored member of staff, you need to discuss with yourself to ensure that you are not playing victim without cause. Believe it or not, there are situations when our views about such circumstances are not right.

You must ask few questions to yourself:

  • Is that favorite person, in reality, executing things better than you do?
  • What is the probable cause for the special treatment?
  • Is it a matter of relationship or rapport?
  • Is it just a matter of routine or trust?

If the probable reason for special treatment is the efficient performance of the person you feel is being preferred, then it is time to upgrade your performance.

2. Make certain you’re not green with envy

Yes, it happens! So, before tagging somebody else as the boss’ pet, have a tough look at yourself. Is it favoritism in the workplace, or are you green with envy? Before you point your fingers on others, think about what’s creating a situation like that. If you are envious, find out why! In the cards, you can step up your game, and bang your grudge to control it. Take the accountability for what you are doing to uphold your achievement.

3. Form better relationships

Yes, never undervalue the power of establishing safe and healthy working relationships with your associates. It might help you counterbalance conflicting feelings activated while your boss plays employee favoritism at work. No matter, if you are the favored one or the other way, forming healthy relationships with your colleagues, may produce a better atmosphere. Along these lines, you can revel in a candid discussion about the condition.

4. State the problem to your contemporaries

Discuss the issue coolly to your coworkers and ask if they observe any discrimination or partiality with particular persons. That doesn’t mean that you have to speak deleteriously about your colleague or the person over you. If your associates have parallel opinions, ask them to label detailed occurrences and take notes. It may perhaps assist you in addressing the issue well ahead.

4. Get yourself an adviser.

Supporters, advisers, and counselors are important in almost every phase of supporting your career. And the situation when you’re dealing with favoritism in the workplace is no exception! Try recognizing a supporter in your organization who won’t just provide you real career guidance. In fact, that person will furthermore be your eyewitness and help you identify favoritism at work. Therefore, in the long run, your supporter will let you even off the playing field.

5. Avoid Blabbermouths

How to avoid favoritism in the workplace? The best way is to avoid gossiping and blabbermouths as much as possible!

Favoritism at work might make you feel unsatisfied, provoked or annoyed. It’s important to escape from any chattering about the work fellow receiving boss favoritism. Gossiping about the person getting employee favoritism can make the condition harder and make you appear like an offended failure. Blathering may help you feel better for a little while. But I’d advise you to utilize your energy and time in any other creative way, such as workout, speaking to honest friends or working on your projects.

6. Speak up to the boss

If you’re leaving no stone unturned with your job and can still see a lot of favoritism at work going on, it’s time to discuss it with your boss. But do not gossip or criticize! I repeat… Never ever point fingers at others! To blame, or remark that others in the workplace roundabout that the boss is favoring his pet, makes the situation good-for-nothing, and annoys the boss. It can result in backlash.

In its place, it would be better to not talk over the sexual favoritism in the workplace but to request for better prospects. Wiki How states that it’s better to ask your boss if you can do anything to acquire more of the projects? The discussion must always be about you. Try to focus on things you can do to be go-getting. Your emphasis must first and foremost be on your professional accomplishment. So, do it cautiously!

7. Offer ways out

Speak out about the occurrences where you feel that favoritism draws upon. Challenging the state of affairs with evidence and proofs may convince your boss to make an impartial verdict. However, this can be quite fiddly. For instance, you may speak out and infuriate your manager or turn your coworkers against you. So, I’d advise you to handle the circumstances intelligently and sensitively. Make sure that you don’t end up hurting yourself or the company.

8. Don’t try to slap around the favorite

Nail it down! Don’t ever try to jump down the throat of your boss’s pet. Even though it might feel quite tantalizing to correct him in conferences! I repeat NEVER point your fingers on your boss’s pet even if he or she’s way under qualified for any assignment you deserved. Why? That’s because, to a certain degree, you’re picking on your superior’s favorite. And in some ways, you’re questioning your manager’s verdict about employees. Neither of it will make you any benefits.

9. Concentrate on Your Job

Wasting your time and energy on office politics, drama and subjective matters can be damaging to your career objectives. Don’t allow favoritism in the workplace to disturb your performance. Concentrate on accomplishing your everyday jobs to the best of your aptitude while maintaining honesty and reverence for your colleagues. In due course, you’ll feel self-confident that you performed your job well with composure.

“The Huffington Post” suggests you to “push yourself more and work a bit harder than normal” under such circumstances. Dredge up that you must work hard to stay on top at all times. Don’t believe anybody but yourself to get you there!

10. Talk to Human Resources

Now and then, a boss who’s playing favoritism in the workplace is sexist, having an irrelevant relationship or shares a romantic connection with a coworker. At times, he purposefully harasses other employees by withholding applause, biases or opportunities. If you are suspicious of this kind of unethical behavior, keep the record of particular cases that prove the fact. You can take your agonies to human resources or your boss’s superior and let the organization handle it.

11. Be confident and patient

Even if you experience a lot of favoritism at work, you need to stay positive and practical. Don’t let anything poorly affect your work performance or self-esteem. Talking nineteen to the dozen about it with your colleagues would only make you appear immoral. Be patient! If the favored person is not good enough, your boss will ultimately understand that it is in his personal best interest to applaud another ‘go-to individual.’

Avoid employee favoritism in the workplace and take care of your career.

Your boss can be partial even when he doesn’t mean to be. So, how to avoid favoritism in the workplace? Believe it or not, just avoiding these signs of favoritism in the workplace can go a long way to uphold an impartial place of work. The best way to escape any employee favoritism at work is to behave like somebody your boss would want to encourage and support. Understand that:

If you want to make a difference, you need to be different.

So, how would you do it? How would you avoid those ridiculous effects of favoritism in the workplace? It’s simple! Work harder and be more responsible! Make yourself capable of making a difference and stopping spending your precious time, and energy troubling about how screwed this unethical practice of employee favoritism at work makes you.

Do you have any such experience? What are your views? How to avoid favoritism in the workplace? Share it with us!

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