Personal Safety Tips For Women — Top 18 Ways to Stay Safe and Have Fun!

I’m damn eager to pen down this article asserting some essential safety tips for women that can keep you and your loved ones safe.

SAFETY — The Number One Priority for Women! Right? Girls! Let’s accept it! No matter, how much we yell at being professed as the “weaker sex,” we regrettably do face more problems than men do. The whole thing from rapes to street stabbings to domestic abuse to burglaries and even home invasions — women are the number one targets.

We often come through news broadcasts stating that women are experiencing rapes, assaults, and slaughter all over the world. At any cost, it has consistently been that way, and it will be that way all the time. As a result, it is vital to remain attentive and keep an eye on some essential safety tips for women, or else you may risk the threats of forbidding figures.

Let’s face it; we are different from males in the flesh. When equated to the muscularity of men, we lack physical strength. All of us have been in circumstances where let’s say — we would like to have had some help or support. So, it is critical for us to be on safeguard against unsafe conditions. Isn’t it?  So, what do we do? Well, every so often, we depend on made-up women’s security measures. Don’t we? Your brothers, husband or boyfriend, police, security alarm system and so forth are fabricated safety measures for women, my dear! But don’t you think that these false women’s security measures cannot be with us 24/7?

We need to understand that crime happens on the dot and generally without any notice. And the lack of homework is what distinguishes the defeaters from the targets.  As a woman, you cannot let your guard down even at the point of approaching danger. No matter what’s your age, figure or size, you have to protect yourself as soon as the need arises. In this article, I’m going to talk about the essential safety tips for women every Tom, Dick, and Harry should know in a nutshell. Read it all the way to the end to be conscious of how to be safe and avoid treacherous situations.

Safety tips for women to stop the crime before it happens.

The good news is that the majority of assaults on females are avoidable. Yes, I said avoidable. How? If you learn how to be safe, follow some indispensable safety tips for women and act sensibly, you can outsmart your foes! Don’t worry! It’s not that hard! It’s just a matter of having common sense together with taking appropriate precautions to stay away from misfortune. Here are some valuable and smart personal safety tips for women that may assist you in decreasing the risks. Take a look:

1. Always be attentive

One of the most important safety measures for women’s protection is always to be attentive while you’re out-of-doors. Don’t lose your head in dreaming while you’re walking on the roads, driving, or eating anywhere. Don’t allow anything to keep you from noting your surroundings. Always be conscious of everything that is taking place near or around you. Keep a close look at the person who’s relentlessly throwing glimpses on you. With this, I don’t mean that you need to call the cops each time you notice someone observing you. Of course, there is a massive difference between being watchful and being insecure.

2. Set your boundaries and impose them

If somebody tries to come too close to you for comfort, ask him or her to move back and force him or her to offer you your space. Don’t care about whether you’ll stumble upon as offensive or ill-mannered. Hark back to the fact that danger is likely to creep around in the shadows. So, stick to well-lit areas. If your security is at stake, it’s not the time to be pleasant.

3. Use your cell phone smartly.

Yes, if you can use your phone appropriately, you don’t even have to care for other safety tips for women. Save the contact numbers of your family and friends on speed dial. Make certain that your mobile phone is completely charged. Save the numbers of police stations, women helplines and ambulances and keep them handy. There are quite a lot of provisions accessible such as safety alarms and auto dialing your friends or family. Make sure that you download the women safety apps that allow safety for women by tracking your movements.

4. Avoid danger zones

Now what are danger zones? Danger zones are those places where you are wide-open to assaults or burglary. Always try to use public transport and avoid taxis if possible. Carry on a poised attitude and don’t provide any signals of encouragement. If possible, try not going out late at nights and avoid dark lanes. I know that sounds silly, but that’s one of the best safety tips for women that works!

5. Project your self-confidence

What confidence has to do with safety tips for women? Well, if you look confident and self-possessed, harassers won’t like messing up with you. Dredge up that predators look for weak targets. You see, if you walk self-assuredly, people get the hint that you’re somebody that they cannot mess with. If you’re someone who always looks like an easy target, you will end up being an eventual aim for offences.

Communicate convincingly. It would be amazing if you can hold onto a top notch personality. It is imperative so that you give the impression of being strong and powerful. So, show your confidence while you walk on the roads or converse with people. Carry yourself with poise. Chin up! Back straight! Look every individual into the eye.

6. If somebody tries to force you to an out-of-the-way place, do not go

Research shows that if people have a plan to force you to an out-of-the-way place, then they might have plans not to let you make it out alive as well. Whatsoever you do, don’t ever get in a car with anyone irrespective of what they say.  It’s not going to be upright for you.

7. Watch your use of social media

Some girls put the whole she-bang of their life on Facebook. With this, I mean everything from what they ate for lunch to what they are wearing at the moment. Dredge up that the more data you give out on social media, the more somebody else will know about your schedule.  And guess what? It will let an offender figure out when you’re most helpless. So, don’t forget to set in some internet safety tips in your lifestyle as well.

8. The Cyberspace can be a global spider’s web.

Please, please, please… I request you to be alert to the risks of entering into on-line relationships. Keep an eye on the on-line safety tips to ensure your general security in the cyber world. Don’t provide a lot of personal information such as your phone numbers and address to anyone. If you decide on meeting someone face to face with, then take a friend along.

9. Participate in a self-defence program

Learning self-defence strategies is one of the most appealing safety tips for women. It’s a good way to defend you. You can register for the martial arts training course to absorb some fighting tactics like Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, and the like. Likewise, you can learn from the comfort of your home by viewing some self-defence videos on YouTube. Try to absorb a martial art form to beat off any physical attack.

And yes, here I’d like to give you a tiny tip from my personal experiences. Summon up that the most delicate point in a man’s body is generally – not his groin but his eyes. You can always kick the attacker in the groin and run away. But putting pressure on his eyes will furthermore be of super value.

10. Avoid travelling on your own

This piece of suggestion is rather of no use as at times; you have no other choice than to travel alone, though it bears talking about. I know that it may not seem fair or reasonable, but simply having a man as a partner while travelling can save you a lot of suffering.

11. Don’t be afraid to hurt somebody’s feelings. 

If you find yourself in an awkward position, it is okay to raise your voice and be rude. You can be discourteous if you have to. Be brave. If you feel like someone is following you, look the man right into his eye and ask him why. You could make an apology well ahead if your instincts were off beam. But you cannot reverse the effects of assault if your gut feeling was right but you didn’t act on them.

It’s okay NOT to be a good girl and friendly all the time. With strangers, it’s safer to be cold and reserved. Women are sympathetic and giving by nature, which can get them in a lot of dangerous situations. Teach your children to be suspicious of strangers, too.

12. Use common sense.

Out of all the essential safety tips for women, using your common sense is an absolute conqueror. It can aid you in guarding yourself in far more ways than you can conjure up. Avoid walking on dark streets. Stay away from unsafe regions, and don’t display your cash or jewels when out-of-doors.

13. Carry pepper spray with you.

A pepper spray in your handbag can protect you in the case of an assault. In India, these sprays are easily obtainable at chemist’s shop. In western countries, people use certain girl safety products and protective devices such as electric guns as well. Perhaps, you can order them from on-line stores. Besides, you can always carry chilli powder; it’s as useful as a pepper spray. Just spray the stuff in the eyes of the enemy and run away.

14. Don’t drink lest you have a decent mate

If you’re out at a social occasion, bar, cafe, get-together, or any celebration, always keeps in mind: Drinking alcohol may worsen your natural defences and make you an easy target. I’d advise you not to drink lest you have a clear-headed and a pleasant companion with you for the night. And, to drive you back home, of course. Always keep an eye on what you’re drinking – Roofies happen you see!

15. Trust your instincts

One of the paramount safety tips for women is learning to trust your instincts.  If a position doesn’t feel right, it perhaps isn’t. Get out of it as soon as you can! Believe me, 90 percent of the time, a woman’s instincts are right. So when your heart tells you to get out of the situation, do it immediately. Be conscious of your backgrounds. Have faith in your gut feelings. If something or somebody feels off the beam, believe your sixth sense. Don’t do it! Don’t go there!

16. Don’t take up that ‘it’ can’t happen to you.

“It” can happen to anybody, any place and at any time. So, don’t presume that “it” can’t happen to you. Learn about self-defence and women safety. In fact, the quest for women’s security doesn’t end here! Explain your daughters, friends, mom’s, grandmas, friends, co-workers, sister and every single woman you know what you learn about self-defence and survival instinct.

17. Run, Lady, Run!

Practice running! It, in fact, it is one of the most important female safety tips. You can begin with running for a short distance. Why? See, if you run on no occasion, then you won’t ever be sure that you can if you have to. Running away proves to be a cherished self-protection tool. So, Run, Lady, Run! Even if the aggressor has a gun pointed at you, run as fast as you can for your life!

18. Never, ever give up!

Last but not least, never give up, no matter what happens! In fact safety tips for women are all about not losing hope, giving the free rein to your inner b**ch and letting her go! If you’re fighting the battle for your life, make certain that you’re the champ. It’s just the right time to play the dirty game of life and death and let the cards fall where they must. Or else, following any of the above safety tips for women is purposeless!

Moreover, understand that even if you’re wounded (which you most likely would be in a self-defence situation), it doesn’t mean it’s a serious damage. Just keep struggling till the end and believe that you will persist. Remember that at the end of the day, the only thing that’s imperative is that, you stay alive to see another day. Make sure that you come back home each night safe and sound to meet your family and friends.

Observe these safety tips for women and be safe out there! 

Women’s security and women’s safety in today’s society has been an enduring subject from the time when the first girl appeared on the face of the Mother Earth. So what can we do? How can we ensure safety for women? Well, all we can do is accept the fact and take hands-on steps to improve our safety. Taking the above-stated safety tips for women to protect you will severely lessen your chances of becoming a prey of crime against women.

Stay alert of your surroundings! Take defensive measures and follow these safety tips for women to prevent crime against you and protect yourself. In fact, I would encourage you to pass this important message on to all women you know. Not just to your family and friends, but to one and all. All of us need to hear it. For you and to share with your precious ones, particularly the women.

Safety is a way of life for me. Is it for you?

Do you have more safety tips for women that you think all girls out there need to know? Please yell them out in the comments section below, and we may add them to our list.

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