Being a Single Mom is Hard — Not Anymore With These 19 Super Cool Tips

Nurturing a child is like a deep-sea expedition – full of intense storms, rough surfs, and irregular sunlit serenity. It’s already tough to maintain a family when you have a partner, right? Well, and then imagine how hard being a single mom would be. Too hard! Isn’t it? In fact, when you’re raising your kids on your own, being a single mother, your trouble rises to a whole new level.

Being a single mom, you have to perform the dual characters — that is, of a mother as well as a father. That means you have to undertake a lot more accountabilities to meet your kids’ needs. No wonder you get no time for yourself or feel miserable! Being a single parent makes you feel burned out from your 24/7 obligations and concerns.

Irrespective of whether your relationship ended or not, child-rearing is the one responsibility you can’t leave behind. And being a single mom, it’s not easy nurturing your child on your own without assistance. There are more than a few emotional, psychological and physical pressures that you have to face while dealing with your job and life as a single mother. On top of that, you have to perform two tasks at the same time – being an affectionate mother and stringent daddy.

Struggles of being a single mother are more than a few. Being a single mother is hard; it’s even more complicated than it looks. So, how to cope with being a single mother? Well, being a single parent, you deal with challenges on a regular basis. If you’re stressed with your single parentage status, then following guidelines may ease you out and let you get rid of your single mother problems.

How to cope with the stress of being a single mom?

To be an amazing dad or mom, all you need is personal commitment and enthusiastic outlook. Indeed, it is not an easy position; and every so often, it’s energy-consuming. But by making use of helpful parenting approaches, you may do well in a little while. Soon you will notice that your youngsters are your eventual source of motivation and pleasure.

I know that being a single mom, you are rushed. So, let me not waste your time to any further extent! Let’s jump to the useful things you can do to form a pleasant relationship with your kid, right away. Below are some helpful guidelines that can help you deal with the struggles of being a single parent.

Be the better single parent you’ve always desired to be with these useful tips.

1. Ideal Parenting Starts with Personal Comfort.

By comprehending your personal needs and constructing your relationship with your kid, you can turn out to be the perfect single parent. I know that producing a sense of balance between your personal life as a grown-up and a parent can be hard at times. But it’s not impossible. All you need to do is schedule some free time for yourself and your kids. Remember that if you are cheerful and comfortable, then you can keep your children joyful while catering to their requirements.

2. There is no need to feel embarrassed.

No matter what your ability and health position is, your kids are going to love and appreciate you. But before that, you must value yourself. As a result, your kids will love and admire you. Don’t emphasize on what is absent in your youngsters’ lives as a single parent. As an alternative, concentrate on what you can arrange for them together with your love. There is no need to feel embarrassed or shamefaced. Be proud of what you are!

3. Learn Forgiveness and Compassion.

Feeling awkward of being a single parent won’t make your life any better. In point of fact, accusing yourself may only end in parenting difficulties that lead to a pang of conscience and guilt far ahead. Have confidence that your family is not at all different from other families. Take care of yourself, and learn to forgive, forget and let off. Try to admit the fact that few things are beyond your control. Along these lines, you can appreciate your new character in nurturing your kids regardless of being a single mom.

4. Be organized. 

In my opinion, planning and being organized is an essential aspect of life. If you spend some of your time in the day to arrange for the dinner, it will help you lessen your stress in the evening. Or preparing an extra meal and freezing it would take negligible time but would help you in the long run. How about getting your apparels ready the night before so that early in the morning you don’t have to search for things? Being organized would help you be all set to go!

5. Have Good Conversations with Your Children.

Interacting with your children requires a lot of hard work on your end. Nevertheless, it is one of the most critical aspects of becoming an ideal single parent. It may turn out to be a problem to make them appreciate or understand you… mainly when they are teenagers. One significant approach is to pay full courtesy to them and pay attention to what they say. Maintain an eye contact with them while talking. This way, you will get their complete attention. Have patience while clarifying things to them… do not assume and do not underestimate. Furthermore, try to be a sport and have fun with your kids.

6. Treat your kids with kindness.

An essential point to remember is to be gentle and generous; specifically while talking to your kids. Using foul language, swearing, cursing, and name-calling can cause poor self-confidence on young kids. In its place, say heartening words. Give suitable compliments. By using positive words, you can stimulate a loving and pleasant atmosphere within your home.

7. You are the Person in charge.

Make certain that you create clear limits in your house. Leave no suspicion as to whom the superior commander of the house is. Don’t make the blunder of making your kids feel and consider that they are the person over you in your house and henceforth run the show. Having kids without restrictions in your home will lead to problems in future.

8. Learn To Manage the Burdens and Responsibilities.

Time and again, single parents feel apprehensive of the errands, household tasks, odd jobs and responsibilities linked with being a single parent. Therefore, it is essential that you manage your time intelligently and efficiently. You can choose to work on a home based business idea or get a freelance job. If you feel that you want some help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. You can allocate different errands to your kids. Make sure that each person is accountable for something in the house.

9. Assign responsibilities to children.

It is a great way that may help the entire household. You can allocate specific household tasks to your kids that will help keep the home running resourcefully. Passing certain duties over to them will help them feel right and important. It will offer them a sense of achievement that’s essential to build a strong self-perception. But be careful that they don’t miss their sidelines and school activities in the process.

10. Take Care of Yourself.

Your kids’ health and fortune hinges on the fact that how well you can take care of yourself. Make certain that you pay attention to your workout regime, nutrition, and stress management. Have a sound sleep. If you’re unhealthy, you turn into a suffocating soul. Now and again, you’ll feel like you want a break. Take some time away from work and growing responsibilities. It will help you be confident and optimistic about your life and goals. Take substantial care of yourself, or it will be tough for you to achieve anything considerable.

11. Set rulebooks that your child must put up with.

Routine is essential in a two parent family, but it’s just as important in a single parent family. Eating family feasts is vital to a home’s agenda. Make certain that you sit down together at least one time a day to have your lunch or dinner. In my opinion, evening time is perfect but if your circumstances allow, try and sit down for lunch and breakfast together as well.

12. Talk about sensitive matters.

There are a lot of delicate subjects that you must talk over with your kids. Generally, as the teenager ages, they tend to inquire about where their other parent is or how were they born and all that jazz. Being a single mom, discussions like these would be dreadful for you. Answer all their questions boldly without being self-conscious. After all, being a single parent is an act of audacity.  It’s just by choice and selfless assessment that a person gets ready to deal with the single parenting role against all the odds. Dredge up that as your teen reaches the maturity age and understands everything better, he/she would begin to appreciate you.

13. Your kids need to know that you’re there for them.

Being a single mom, it’s natural that you have a hectic schedule trying to make a living and coping up with the home. But, no matter what, you should never be too busy for your kids. Not even if you are facing monetary troubles. Your work can’t take the precedence over your children. They need to know what place they have in your life. They need to know that you love them more than anyone else does in this world.

14. Don’t let your kids realize that they are a burden to you.

Being a single parent, it’s hard to give quality time to your children that help them nurture and mature. But they still need to discern that you love them and care for them. Under no circumstances, give them the impression that they’re a liability to you. Time and again, tell them how much you adore them. Pay attention to what they say. Ask them questions and pin your ears back to their replies. Show your concern to them as individuals.

I know that being a single mom; you have a limited amount of time. You must make sure that the time you spend with them is exceptional and helpful. Whatever you get in return is going to be worth the trouble. And the love and admiration of obedient and well-bred kids are going to be an icing on the cake.

15. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not.

Now I request you to take this idea to heart. Stop being somebody you’re not. Have faith in yourself! Being a single mother, you are doing the best that you can for your kids and family. And you deserve to receive reverence from your children for that. Accept that you, as we all are, simply human. You cannot do everything in your kids’ world, but you can be just what they want – an ideal parent.

16. Accept your boundaries. 

You are simply a normal human being, and you have defined limitations. You can’t do everything for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Hence, identify and make out how much you can do. Don’t think that you can do everything for every man jack. Trying that may, in fact, decay your health, your outlook, and your relations with your kids. At this point, your neighbors can help you in taking care of your children while you are not at home.

17. Make out that you are doing the BEST that you can.

Irrespective of how affectionate and capable you are, you must understand that you are a single person doing a task that is meant for two. Don’t let your kids control the situation and make you feel awkward or uncomfortable. Every so often, kids do this, particularly during fights.

Tell them that you are a team and you need to help each other and work together to have a better life. Acknowledge yourself for being a single mother as you might not get any gratitude from your children until they grow up.

18. Have Me Time. 

As soon as we talk about the “me time” to the frazzled single parents, we hear a shower of: “I’m too busy” or “I don’t get any time for myself.” Well, I understand the difficulties of being a single parent. Again, I’ll suggest you take at least 20 minutes for yourself every single day and do anything that you revel in. It’s important for you to embrace some “me time” on a regular basis. For instance, take up a new hobby; join up a fitness center, hang out with your friends, read a book, take a spa or go for a quick walk.

19. Have Fun!

Perhaps this is the simplest yet an essential tip about any child-raising and parenting. Don’t ever forget to have fun with your kids and spend some quality time with them. Go for picnics, take a stroll in the park or watch a film. Pampering your child and indulging in such activities will make your bond stronger. Likewise, it will help you take your child’s mind off the point that the dad is not in the picture of the family.

There is no easy route to being a good single mom.

Yes! That’s true! Being a single mom takes a lot of hard work and needs sacrifices. That’s why computing the do’s and don’t s of being a good single mom would seem hard. Thanks to the incalculable stuff involved in it! Nevertheless, IMHO, being a single mother, you just need to know the few tips stated above, and you can raise your kid appropriately. The primary opinion behind all these child-rearing tips is to make your kid your number one concern.

Every time you run short of solutions and reasons to back up your verdict, always think that your decision is the best. These bits of advice might sound too simple to you at first glance. But if you try them you will discover that they will help you lessen your hassles and live a cooler life! Being a single mom is the toughest time you would ever face in life. But you have to work out the nerve to drive away the doubts of your kids. As soon as you understand their requirements, you can make your kids grow into stable and prosperous human beings.

How do you cope with being a single mom? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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